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Benefits of Vinyl flooring Dubai 

When you think of Vinyl flooring, what comes to mind? Vinyl is commonly known for being the “cheap” product that people were always told not to buy. But times have changed and so has Vinyl! This article will point out some basic benefits of Vinyl Flooring Dubai.

Select a Product: 

Vinyl is available in many different products. The most common is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), Plank Vinyl, Sheet Vinyl, VCT’s, or Travertine Vinyl. Vinyl tiles are ideal for living areas because they’re soft underfoot and can be easily cleaned with an inexpensive mop or vacuum cleaner without fear of scratching the surface. If you need to strip back layers of old vinyl it can be done but make sure your product is Vinyl since some luxury Vinyl tiles are made to look like Wood Vinyl – these cannot be stripped (and it’s very expensive!) Vinyl sheet and plank products can be used in commercial areas such as retail shops, warehouses where things might get dropped. Vinyl Plank is also ideal for heavy traffic areas because it’s ‘eased’ onto the sub-floor with a slight bow. Which allows water and air to escape (eased edges help Vinyl planks and sheets last longer).

Another benefit of Vinyl flooring Dubai: Durability: 

This product has been known to last over 50 years! And the best part about Vinyl Flooring? It’s easy to install! There’s no need for adhesives or underlayment. The product just simply clicks together and you’re done. Vinyl also has a huge range of colors, patterns, and styles that can be installed in any room. They come in all different thicknesses such as 9mm or 12mm Vinyl flooring meaning it’s the perfect product for the home/office where edgewise floors aren’t ideal.

Also, Vinyl Flooring Dubai is easy to maintain: 

Vinyl flooring is tough and durable, but it looks even better with age! Vinyl requires very little maintenance and never needs stripping or waxing like other types of floorings. It only requires regular mopping and spot cleaning which makes caring for your Vinyl so easy – especially when you compare it to something like Wood laminate which needs to be sanded every few years, recoated with floor finishes, or even re-stained! Vinyl is so low maintenance, so you can spend your time living in your new Vinyl Flooring Dubai rather than maintaining it.

Another benefit of Vinyl flooring Dubai: It’s Eco friendly: Vinyl is considered one of the most eco-friendly types of flooring on the market due to its durability and ease of installation – plus it needs no adhesives or underlayment. 


Vinyl is 100% recyclable which helps preserve our environment while still providing a durable, long-lasting product. Flooring Dubai also does not contain any of the harmful toxins. Those are found in some other types of floor coverings which are made from petroleum-based plastics.

So if you’re looking for something with a longer life, Vinyl Flooring Dubai is the product for you! With a large range to choose from and endless benefits, Vinyl is one of the best choices when it comes to floor coverings.

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