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Best Jobs For Graduate Students in the UK

Everyone is aware of UK’s education system. UK is considered as the central hub of the education system because UK institutes are top class institutes that provide quality education. Along with the education system, the UK is also an international business hub having the sixth-largest economy in the world. it is the perfect place for the graduates to start their careers. Many jobs for Graduate students available are.

Jobs for graduate students in the UK

However, there are various kinds of jobs available for the graduate students, but here are some of the most demanded jobs which graduate student can avail.


A sales job is a most demanding job, not only in the UK; it is a most demanding job in every country because the entire company relies on the salesperson. However, in the UK it is a very flexible and short shift job even students can avail themselves of this job during their study period as a part-time job. It will help them to earn a good amount of money (£8.82 per hour).


Administration job is also a most demanding job, but it is much more difficult for most the students because it requires multiple skills such as good computer skills, a strong grip on Microsoft office, and some other types of software.  Once, students get an opportunity to get an administration job, then it will help them to earn £9 per hour and this is a very good amount for the students.

Marketing and advertising

Both the Marketing and advertising departments are the most important factor of any company. Therefore, every company demands a more enthusiastic person for such a job role. This is why this field is always in demand. The average salary for this job role is 27000 -36000 GBP annually.

Job in investment banking

Getting a job in investment banking is the dream for every student because investment banking does not provide a good amount of salary, but also provides many other benefits including, medical, transport, insurance, etc.

However, universities are also linked with some of the best companies that provide internships in investment banking to gather experience. This is also a great opportunity for international students because international students are in great demand for this field.

Hospitality and travel management

Travelling and hospitality are vital for hotels and resorts. Therefore, provide numerous vacancies for graduate students. This is also one of the beneficial jobs for the students because such type of job can also be done part-time. Therefore, students can do it while they studying even after graduation it will help them a lot due to having some experience.


Customer support

In this type of job, students do not require much qualification or any type of technical skill. They just require communication skills because in this job they have to provide support to the customers through phone calls, messages, or email. Having great communication skills can help you to earn a good amount of money, even if you don’t have any prior experience in customer support service.

Human resources (HR)

In human resources, there are several roles such as recruitment, payroll, support, and many more where you will help employees solve their problems related to your specified role. HR is very crucial for the company because somehow HR’s distribution is the reason to grow the company. However, this job does not even require any type of degree, you just have some skills such as communication skills, problem-solving, etc and the average salary of an HR is between £17,000-£26,000.


An accountancy job requires huge skills in mathematics. It also requires a degree related to accounts. Therefore, to become a qualified accountant, you will have to complete a range of professional accounting exams, including the certified public account (CPA). A licensed accountant designation that allows an accountant or non-accountant scholar who fulfils th prerequisite of Certified public education  (CPE) (Joshua Bronx, 2022).  The average salary of a junior accountant is £18,000-£26,000.


Today, teaching is one of the best jobs because once you become an experienced teacher; the entire world will recognize you and it will open many doors which will be very beneficial for you.

In the UK a primary teacher earns approximately £26,200. Although, it varies from city and institute because once you get a teaching job in a well-known institute, you can earn get an unexpected salary.

Public relation (PR)

Working in a public relationship does not require any type of degree or technical skills, all you need to have some non-technical skills including strong written and verbal communication and good organization skills because in such role your entire role is to manage the client’s reputation.

This is a very huge industry and in great demand. The average salary you will get is approximately £18,000 to £20,000 and it will be increased once you get a little experience. In this role, rise occurs very quickly and this is one of the best benefits to work in public relations.

Working for online service providers

This is an online world, the more you become digitalized, the more jobs for Graduate students opportunities will be there. This is the reason; today most of the graduates are working online or doing online jobs. Have you ever seen students worrying about choosing the best assignment writing service UK based? Ever noticed why they become worried? Basically, the reason is while searching for the best writing service, they get hundreds of results which creates many problems.

This is the reason; students are urged to use some unique keywords while searching for anyone such as “Pay Someone To Do My Assignment”. It will also introduce some online services, but will be lower in competition.

Final thoughts

As discussed above, the UK is considered as one of the best countries having a stable economy in this world. Therefore, most people even want to set their professional career in the UK. This is the reason; most of the students want to pursue their career in the UK, so that later, they will get  huge job opportunities.

Further, this article will provide you with all the information about the jobs for Graduate studentss which can help students to earn a good amount of money.

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