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Best Multi-Cuisine Restaurants on Bengaluru

Hyderabad Highway

Picking the best restaurant amidst travel can be a nuisance. Everyone wishes to enjoy their trip –  no one likes missing out on the fun! But someone must do the dirty word and pick refreshment amenities beforehand.

We have compiled this guide of the best multi-cuisine restaurants on the Bengaluru-Hyderabad highway to deal with this situation. This compilation will enable you with information regarding the most preferred restaurants along this route.

Best Restaurants Along the Bengaluru-Hyderabad Highway

We selected the following restaurants with several parameters in mind. They include:

  • Proper Precautions
  • Sanitary Options
  • Food Quality
  • Overall Credibility

Only the restaurants that ticked all these boxes made it to the below compilation. We maintained these necessary prerequisites in a highly stringent manner!

Café Coffee Day

When you are near Ramaraju Palli and are craving some caffeine, Café Coffee Day is the ideal stop. They serve premium-quality coffees and other associated drinks. The sanitization methods followed at this place are highly effective and dependable.

Pitstop 44

Restrooms are another non-negotiable aspect with regard to travel. The dearth of clean restrooms is indeed a matter of huge concern. This is precisely why Pitstop 44 has made it to the list!

This highway stop arrives after a 3.5-hour journey from Kurnool. They provide clean-sanitized washrooms and decent beverages and refreshments.

M Hotel

On your journey towards Bangalore from Hyderabad, the M Hotel arrives close to the first toll gate. This is an excellent multi-cuisine restaurant if you are on the lookout for breakfast. Their options are innumerable, and they follow the required protocol to the T!

Tasty Treat

As you near Anantapur, you can make a quick getaway to the Tasty Treat restaurant. This outlet is known for popular Korean dishes on the menu. This option will prove to be a welcome change from the routine cuisines that you are used to!

Ruchi NX

If you prefer north-Indian food immensely, this restaurant is the way to go for you! You can dine at Ruchi NX if you are in the vicinity of the Rudrampet bypass. They follow all the necessary guidelines and adhere to the quality of the food at all times.

Highway Stops

Another alternative to this situation is highway stops. They contain all the important amenities that travelers will require under one roof. For example, CubeStop Food Stop is a great option to stop by if you require a quick bite midway.

These highway stops are present at convenient locations near toll gates and gas stations to add to the convenience.

Wrapping Up

This manual of the best multi-cuisine restaurants near the Bengaluru-Hyderabad highways will help you make the best decision. You can assess all the parameters of your preference and make an informed choice.

The tips mentioned above are necessary to keep in mind before going on a trip with your gang.

Despite having multiple options at one’s disposal, selecting the best option can be intimidating at times. Therefore, staying equipped with the relevant information can help you save a lot of time and steer clear of unnecessary hassles.

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