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Best Short Trek In Himachal

Himachal pradesh is heaven in itself whenever you visit you will be mesmerised by its views and will fall in love with nature. In Himachal pradesh there are a lot of trekking options to do but there is always an issue common for a lot of us at the time. We go for a weekend trip, we take a small break from work for the trip so we are not able to take a long trek. So to solve this problem, here I am with the best short trek in Himachal Pradesh which you can complete in one or maximum 2 days.

1-Triund Trek 

Triund trek is one of the easiest and short trek of 4 to 5 km. you will get the experience which you will except from a big trek the stunning view of Dhauladhar mountain ranges. Trek start from mcleodganj which is small town near Dharamshala you can take cab from manali to reach Mcleodganj from the Macload ganj main city square you can take cab or take a walk to tha galu temple the starting point of trek from there you will start going up and start seaing the magical views of mountain it will take you 2 to 4 hour according to your luggage you are caring you will get small cafe’s & dhaba’s enroute to triund top. 

2- Kheerganga trek

Kheerganga trek is one of the best trek you can get in short time like 1 or 2 days. Kheerganga top is situated in parvati valley of Himachal Pradesh it is trek of 13km and there is 3 route to reach at the Kheerganga top you can choose accordingly 2 route start from Bersheni and one from Tosh, Kheerganga top is 10000 feet above sea level. The trek will go beside the Paravati river you will get to see waterfall, mountain, and view of parvati valley. And the cherry in the cake is hot pond named Parvati kund at the top of the Kheerganga top. You will get to see small cafes to rest in between the trek. This is a must done trek in Himachal Pradesh.

3- Prashar lake trek

The prashar lake trek is really easy trek the trek starts from prashar town 70 km away from manali. Their is motarable road till the prashar lake to enjoy the view in a easy way but if you are a trek lower you can take this trek during winter because the road is closed due to high snowfall, the trek is of 9km & 8956ft above sea level. you will get good snow shoes on rent from the shops on the starting point of the trek. You can camp at the top or their is accommodation option provide by government just you have to book it in advance. It is best small and beginner level trek. If you havent done snow trek yet this is the best experience you can get.

4- Lamadugh Trek   

Lamagudh trek is one day hike perfect for beginner. It is a small trek of 4 to 5 hour long starts at old manali and at the top you will get to see Hanuman tibba, Deo Tibba and indrasara peaks. You will start from the Pine forest of Manali and you will hike up to 9,900 feet, at the top you can sit enjoy, camp. You have to take food with you because there is no shops or any food option you have to cook or you can just go back down as it is a small trek.

5- Jogini Falls Trek

Jogini fall is one of the beautiful fall you can ever witness, its is a 150ft fall then flows down to the valley of kullu, the falls is at 7243 ft above the sea level it will take you 1 to 3 hour to reach the waterfall it is small trek of 3 km from the base of the trek varshit temple the temple itself is a very beautiful view then you can go upto the falls there are two routes to reach the the fall one is easy and the other is for the professional mountain cliber cause in it people to clomb wall of mountain slippery roads and other difficulties syou should choose the easy way it is best for normel people like us.

6- Kuari pass trek

This trek is also an all-time experience trek but same as the Brahmatal trek you will enjoy the snow and love the trek during snow season, you will start at the oak forest and the walk-in this forest is enjoyable it will give you a magnificent view of mountains like Kedarnath, Nanda Devi, Hathi parvat etc. all this view make this trek unforgettable right from the 1st day these mountains will make your trek the best trek of your life.

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