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Best Social Wall Tools In 2022 – The Complete Guide

Modes of providing the desired marketing benefits to brands & businesses have changed in recent times. Social walls are the torchbearer of these modes. And rightly so, as it provides the desired benefits without taking in too much of your capital, time, and energy.

Creating these social walls is not an issue; however, selecting the right tool to create the best social wall is one thing to ponder. Therefore, we chose the top social wall tools to increase your chances of making the best social wall. So, tighten your seatbelts as we take a fun ride! But let’s first understand what a social media wall is.

What is a Social Wall?

A social wall is the best possible real-time presentation of social media feeds from various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn on digital screens. 

You can use a social wall on various touchpoints like websites, social events, social ads, email campaigns, reviews, and testimonials. 

Social Wall Tools To Look Out For In 2022

There are a plethora of options for social wall tools, but which one will be the best for you? Let’s find out.


Taggbox is a social media aggregator tool and platform for user-generated content. You can use it to build a social wall and make your event more engaging. Taggbox allows you to create a social wall for multiple touchpoints. Taggbox collects real-time feedback from your event attendees. The event gathers all user-generated content using a given hashtag or handles and shows them on a live digital display screen. You can extract the content you want to display on the social wall using the live hashtag feed

Through Taggbox, one can also embed the user-generated content in social media feeds onto the website to enhance the dwell time and visitor engagement. Use Taggbox to,

  • Create custom filters to help you moderate material.
  • Customize the style and feel to match your company’s identity.
  • The responsive design allows you to display content on any device.
  • Analytical tools can help you keep track of your performance.

 A 14-day free trial is available for this Taggbox. It is available at a reasonable cost and with flexible payment options.


It’s in the name! Curator is one of the best social media aggregator tools in the market. Curator’s clear and intuitive interface makes its widget popular among businesses and brands. The social media widget created can be used on various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, etc. 

You may set up your social media feed in Curator to automatically accept every post and send it straight to your website, or you can manually approve posts before they appear on your site.

For many platforms, Curator offers a wide range of remarkable benefits like it is tailored to fit almost any scenario. Apart from this, 

  • Regardless matter whether or not you have design proficiency, its straightforward design ensures that you have a stunning interface.
  • They provide fantastic customer service and will immediately address any concerns you may have.
  • Curator, unlike most other websites, employs JavaScript, making it SEO-friendly.


Hootsuite makes monitoring and updating your account from any location simple and straightforward. You do not need to install it because it is web-based. Instead of gathering content into a shareable feed, Hootsuite reduces your accounts into a single dashboard, making management considerably more effortless. From the Hootsuite dashboard, users can connect to a variety of social media accounts. LinkedIn, Facebook, ping.FM, WordPress.com, Twitter, Myspace, and Foursquare are a few platforms you can combine with this Hootsuite.

Using custom link parameters, create unique URLs to track clicks and collect information about your audience. This is ideal for learning more about audience behaviour.

Using Hootsuite’s hoot let, bookmark pages to share or retrieve material from. Drag it to your browser’s toolbar to bookmark with a single click.


SocialBee is one of the fastest-growing social media aggregator tools, and it’s ideal for solopreneurs and small businesses looking to maximize their social media presence. Its interface lets you link to six major social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google My Business, and distribute information across all of them from one location.

After you’ve added content to SocialBee, all you have to do now is create a posting schedule that works for you. Then, after sharing a few posts, examine your analytics to see how well your accounts perform. Individual customization for each network, hashtag collections, Canva integration, post variations, choices to re-post your content, and much more are available through the tool.

Over To You!

Through this blog, we have shared the top social media tools that would be doing rounds in the online business world, given their prowess. But it’s up to you to select the one that coordinates with your business objectives. 

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