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Beyond The User Experience What Makes Your Mobile

App Stand-Out?

Building a mobile app is a lot more than just ‘building’ an application. The whole process needs to be extremely thoughtful to ensure that your application can flourish in the industry. The competition in the mobile application industry is super high, this elevates the need to bring out an application that is powerful in every aspect. According to a survey conducted by Statista, the app store can grow over 1.5k applications in a single day. 

Of course, the primary key to an app’s success is establishing a trustworthy user experience. But one needs to understand that it’s not the only thing, there can be many other factors that put the application in place. 

Most of the applications get lost on the app store within a month, or sometimes, in a week. With that said, the importance of planning all about the application is pretty much justified. There are a few considerations to make the development of mobile applications noteworthy. All in all, it is important to keep a perfect balance between the various facets of an application to ensure its success. 

If you want to make your application one in a million, then embark on your journey considering the points mentioned below. 

Mobile App name:

The name of the application must be trendy and thoughtful. Furthermore, it should be short and completely related to the brand. Ensure that the name suggests the core idea of your application and should not be very long. A friendly piece of advice, do not try to stuff keywords in the name of your application. 

Mobile App Target users:

Users are the ones that can make your application get successful in the market. Make sure that your application is fulfilling the needs of the users. Create use cases to try and understand what a user wants and needs. Furthermore, you can analyze the competitors and then modify your provisions accordingly. 


You need to keep yourself updated with the development trends and functionalities. 

Besides all these, try making them the best part of your project. Essentially, you will have to build a lot of sections where your customers will have to leave comments. Only because it can not just boost user engagement, but also 


Essentially, you need to build sections where your customer will be able to leave comments. It will not just boost user engagement but also help in improving through the comments. Most importantly, uplift the view of user-generated content on social media with that being the case. Make sure that you avoid fake reviews as it does not interfere with understanding the value of your mobile app and could also result in a drastic decrease in your app’s presence in the application stores. 


Make the most out of the stats accessible from both the application stores. Check several sections that mention how many times your app has been downloaded and when your app was last updated. It could also be platform-oriented.


The visuals should be considered highly important when it’s about making your application. Adding different and attractive visuals can is a great way to attract users and tell them that your product is something different. It enables you to use unique shapes and symbols, and simple yet vibrant colors to make it something noticeable. A human brain has a higher perception of an image than a text. 


It represents the brand that is why you need to make it attractive and representable. The design of the logo should be highly unique, remarkable, and phenomenal. Logos of some of the most popular brands such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Hike, etc are so catchy, yet simple. This has a huge impact on users, 

New features:

Even after the application has been successfully launched, it needs to introduce new updates and features with time, so that it can keep its place in the game. You can do this by adding a set of features initially and then gradually moving forward to adding more of those. This will strengthen user engagement and user retention. 

Mobile App size:

Besides the application design, application size should be one of the factors to be taken care of. As it is obvious that the size of the application matters greatly to a user, one needs to monitor this factor. The application size should be justified and not be bulky. This will do nothing but repel the potential users. 

Smooth access:

Make sure that the application works smoothly without any errors/bugs. Ideally, the application should not consume a lot of time in loading. 

The UI should be uncomplicated and understandable so that no user is stuck in the middle or gets confused when using the application. For that, simplify mobile app UI so that users can easily move around the application without so much guidance. 


Make sure that you provide options for feedback. They are a big help as one gets to know about what’s still needed to be included. 

Each and every review, whether positive or negative, can be utilized in order to make the project better in overall terms. Furthermore, there are many more ways to work accordingly. You can continuously test the application and according to the results, can enhance the working. 

Digital plan:

With proper planning, the chances of growing get high to a great extent. Along with other marketing strategies, digital marketing significantly increases the chances of your application being in the air to a great extent. Digital marketing planning involves formulating a robust SEO strategy, segmenting the app ads, competitor analysis, app store optimization, tracking KPIs, and more. 


This part is essential in terms of a better understanding of your goals and target user selection. If you properly research all your targeted areas, you will be able to get more efficient results. Understand what your user base accepts and neglects, you might have to update or add features according to that. 

Ease of use:

Make sure that your users get amazed by the intuitive and speedy experience. There are a lot of mobile apps that have a poor speed of functionality. It goes as a bad impression on the user and user retention will get poor. Furthermore, when it’s about UI, do not experiment to an extent where the user finds it very difficult to understand the functionality. 

News spread & Promotion:

There are various modes through which you can start spreading the news prior to the launch of your application. Plan strategies to increase the traffic and keep the mobile app in the news. You can consult various advertising agencies, consider influencer endorsements, and announce on social media or a website. 


So, getting success from an application can be a real task, which involves a lot of challenges. Planning ahead with the right points can make it possible to head your mobile app in the right way. Understanding the users should be the foremost goal while strategizing, as at last, it’s all about the users. Try to follow and incorporate the points mentioned in this guide to their maximum potential. And like that, the application can become the one loved and admired by everyone. 


Will Ben Sims is CEO of Cerdonis Technologies LLC – A software development company that provides a wide range of app development services. Will ben and his team have developed a number of mobile application solutions for various business. Apart from his professional life, Will ben is very good at playing rugby.

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