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Bir – The Himalayan Cafe Culture

Bir is known as the “Paragliding Capital of India,”. It is also a renowned destination for ecotourism, spiritual studies, and meditation. It has a substantial Tibetan refugee camp, as well as various Buddhist monasteries. While Billing is the take-off location for paragliding and Bir is the landing location, the two are referred to as “Bir Billing.” If you are searching for Bir trip and food then this article is for you.

Bir has grown in popularity among travelers in recent years, particularly among those living the Virtual Nomad Lifestyle. To meet the growing demand of travelers, and you can book any hostel in Bir at affordable prices and the cafe culture has also grown and developed in the last 2-3 years.

Bir is currently home to many creative minds who choose to leave the city and move to the mountains! And the fact that daily direct buses run between Bir and Delhi has contributed substantially to the rise of tourism in India’s Paragliding Capital.

Bir Billing has become not only a popular Weekend Getaway destination but also one of India’s emerging Digital Nomad Hotspots.

Most Famous Eateries in Bir!


Ram Bahadur Cafe is the best location to go to if you’re wanting Momos! This little, unassuming food restaurant has a special place in the hearts of everyone that visits Bir! They have vegetable, chicken, and mutton fillings that can be eaten steamed or fried.

NYINGMA Restaurant

A few steps away from Ram Bahadur Cafe, on the way to Gandhi Chowk, is the Nyingma Hotel, a brilliant yellow structure on the left side of the road. Because of the plush interiors, this appears to be an expensive restaurant, but trust me when I say that the prices are reasonable and the cuisine is delicious.

While the restaurant serves a range of cuisines, the Thukpa and Devil Momos were my favorites at Nyingma Restaurant.

Unlike in many restaurants where the Thukpa is either boring or overly spicy, the Thukpa here is nicely balanced and rather filling!

If you’re searching for a spot to hang out with your mates while eating delicious food, Nyingma Restaurant is the place to go!

Garden Cafe and Restaurant

The Garden Cafe & Restaurant is one of the best places to eat in Bir Billing, as well as my personal favorite. With a lovely outdoor and indoor setting and a welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant is ideal for both breakfast and dinner. And if you want to dine in a romantic setting, this is the place to go because the entire site is lit up with fairy lights at night while you are surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Aside from their great ambiance, they also do not disappoint in terms of food and taste. They serve a range of items such as pancakes, salads, and pizzas, and each one is filling and liberally served.

Personally, I was fascinated by their Nutella pancake, which was both delicious and visually beautiful.


If you ask someone who has lived in Bir for a while where they go when they want some home-cooked food, the response will be unanimous: Kuckie’s Cafe!

Chuckie Aunty’s food is basic but delicious, and it’s not too expensive. When you go into Kuckie’s Cafe, you’ll feel as if you’ve entered your living room, and a few words with Aunty will make you feel right at home.

JUNE 16 Cafe

June 16 Cafe’s strategic location makes it one of the most popular and frequented cafes in Bir Billing. Here travelers can be seen throughout the day. Sipping a hot beverage like hot chocolate or coffee and chatting with other travelers, as well as Digital Nomads, is all very common here.


Bombay Local is the place to go for real and delicious Maharashtrian street food like Vada Pav and Pav Bhaji, as well as the famous Cutting Chai.


It is possibly the only cafe in Bir Billing that only serves vegan food. You should definitely sample the desserts, pasta, and fresh salads served at Paloma Vegan Bistro.


It has a panoramic view of the landing site in front and the towering Himalayas in the back. The Northern Cafe is one of the greatest sites to witness Bir’s famous sunsets.

While the meal is a little pricy, it is one of the few restaurants and cafes in Bir Billing that serves genuine Himachali Siddu. While watching the sunset, taste the delicious pakoras.

Also, if you are a Digital Nomad seeking a quiet location to work. I would definitely recommend making The Northern Cafe your workstation throughout the day.

MUSAFIR – The Traveler’s Cafe

If you’re a traveler interested in the Indie Music scene, you’ve probably heard about Musicathon Bir. It all started at Musafir Cafe!

The Mint Ice Tea is a legend. I highly recommend trying it at Musafir – The Traveller’s Cafe. Watch the sunset and listen to calm Indie Music in the background.

If you are an artist, you will undoubtedly enjoy the ambiance at Musafir Cafe.

Also, in a similar vicinity if you are planning to go to Manali, then you can find various options for hostels in Manali.


I hope you liked reading my Bir Billing Food Blog. Find it useful as a travel resource for your trip to Bir Billing. Remember to save this Bir Billing Food Guide for a future trip.

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