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Bone Profile Drill: Implant Instead Of Bridges

Tooth loss is a common problem in old age and even in adulthood. Between the age of 35 to 40 years, 69% of people lose at least one tooth. Further, missing teeth may lead to losing self-confidence.

During this situation, experts mostly suggest dental implants or bridges. But the question is, which one is the best? For implantation in teeth, the dentist uses the best implant drill in the procedure; on the other side, for bridges, dentists use the crown.

Well, here we are going to compare bridges with an implant to determine which option would be better for your patient. Also, this article would be helpful to know why experts prefer dental implants more than bridges.

Dental Bridge v/s Dental Implant 

What is a dental bridge?  

The dental bridge is known as a restorative choice that a dentist suggests when a patient has a missing tooth in between two teeth (healthy). It is made by an artificial tooth suspended between two crowns cemented onto your healthy teeth. Also, the dentists match the color of porcelain to the surrounding teeth. 

Basically, a dental bridge is used to fill the gap between a patient’s teeth. When replacing teeth or a tooth near the mouth’s back side, choosing a dental bridge would be good.

What is a dental implant?  

Well, a dental implant is a tooth (artificial) connected to titanium that a dental surgeon inserts into the jawbone. The best part of the implant is they look very natural. Also, using the high-quality and best implant drill helps in preventing the jawbone from deteriorating.

The jawbone automatically shrinks with time if the teeth are extracted or fall out. And it does change the smile as well as the appearance of the face. So, for great confidence and appearance, the dentist suggests an implant. Also, replacing a front tooth or a visible tooth implant is the right choice. 

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Comparison Between Dental Bridge And Dental Implant 

Now, it’s a complicated decision to select between implant and bridges. Check out some factors that would help you out to go for the right choice. 

1. Overall health

Before you suggest any treatment to your patient, make sure to conduct an oral checkup and overall health checkup. 

  • Dental implant 

People with medical issues like leukemia or diabetes should opt for dental implants. It will require surgery, so the patient has to be free from any medical issues. Here the bone profile drills are used to remove the coronal aspect of the dental implant.

Ultimately, the best candidates for implants are the ones with good health. Also, they must have a decay-free jawbone that is healthy enough to support dental implants.

  • Dental bridges 

On the other hand, a dental bridge is a painless treatment. The dentist uses Novocain or other numbing solutions in the procedure. But the nearby teeth missing one should be healthy and decay-free. 

In a dental bridge, if any of the supporting crown teeth get decayed or break, then the dentist has to remove its nearby three or more crowns. 

2. Total missing teeth 

Before suggesting any treatment, evaluate the total number of missing teeth the patient has. 

  • Dental implant 

A dental implant needs to be attached surgically to the patient’s jawbone for all missing teeth. 

  • Dental bridges 

For more than 1 consecutive tooth, consider a dental bridge as a better option. 

3. Healing time 

Ask your patient how much time they have for the healing of teeth.

  • Dental implant 

You might have understood that using the best implant drill in implantation can provide the best outcomes. But healing time is more important.

  • First, the oral surgeon will use bone profile drills into the patient’s jawbone.
  • They will set an artificial tooth to the missing tooth place.
  • After inserting a temporary denture, a patient needs to wait for bone healing.
  • The healing time could be 2 months to 6 months.
  • Dental bridge 

On the other hand, the dental bridge requires two dental sittings. It will take approx 2 weeks to 4 weeks to heal.

Pros Of Dental Implant Treatment  

A few reasons attract dentists to use dental implants instead of bridges. 

  • The best part of dental implants is that they don’t decay. And the nearby healthy teeth don’t need any crowns to support them. 
  • It is easy to floss and clean between implants. 
  • The gum tissues remain healthy due to regular cleaning. 
  • A dental implant is best for replacing many teeth as well as individual lost teeth. 


In conclusion, we would say that an implant is a permanent and reliable treatment for patients with good medical records. But still, the suggestions of expert dental surgeons and healthcare specialists matter the most. 

In this article, you have gone through two choices for teeth replacement. So, if the patient agrees with all the terms and conditions of implantation, then it’s a better option. It stays for a long time and doesn’t damage the surrounding teeth.

We hope you have grasped enough knowledge and now you can easily decide on the right choice as per individual. 

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