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Bringing environmental needs into focus for events – can we make events more environmentally sustainable

Bringing environmental Looking back at 2019, the news headlines were submerged by a schoolgirl who had broken
the internet and got an introduction by outraging her beliefs on climate control and its ailing
policies around the world.
Her name is Greta Thunberg, and she shook the world benevolently. Her bold movements
gained further attention resulting in both appreciation and criticism. It’s because of her that 1
million children went for 2,200 different strikes over 125 counties.
The story comprises a lot of concerns and actions that took place across the globe. The most
noticeable ones have been leading businesses altering their values to cut the harm and benefit
the environment sustainably.
While it is quite a challenge for most businesses, the stress grows higher for event organisers
to practice environmentally friendly events. You may think it’s not easy to host eco-friendly
events, but it might not be as hard as you think either. Modern event organisers do not look at
the word ‘environmentally friendly’ as a buzzword anymore. Instead, it’s more of a necessity
Here are some environmentally friendly event ideas to help you out.

A venue that supports the cause

Choosing a venue is the most elementary part of event organising. The decision to select a
suitably friendly destination can add a lot to your benefits. In most countries, there is an ISO
certification for hosting exclusive eco-friendly events at the venues.
Suppose your venue does not have an eco-friendly certification. In that case, you can be
mindful of the event’s impact on the environment by going long for minimising wastage and
reducing carbon and other harmful emissions Digital Law & Data Protection Expert (if any).

No Plastic

At this point, this should be a mandate. Lamentably it’s not, and businesses tout plastic
products without putting much thought into the environment. Plastic products like plates,
cups and straws still top the list of most common waste materials in events.
Reducing the use of plastic and swapping it with more sustainable alternatives shall be an
essential step for organisers to avoid waste in general and look forward to a sustainable future
with no plastic disposals accounting bangkok.

Go Digital, ditch the paper

Digital provides a better reach and offers a chance of interactions as compared to other means
of events promotions. There’s no need for printed collaterals for extensive advertising. It can
be managed on the internet quite flawlessly.
Digital allows organisers to track the process of their events and take it further. The ease of
interaction becomes the most vital point of using a website by having your audience register
for the event. Online registration can be done through smartphone apps or tailor-made
landing pages for your event as well.
Also, if there’s no other option left but to use paper, try and make sure that you provide good
recycling facilities.

Invest your resources in a Waste Management Programme Bringing environmental

To look at everything optimistically, after an event, there’s a tremendous amount of waste Bringing environmental
that adds to the problem of environmental crisis. Certainly, we can’t turn a blind eye to the
fact that even with maximum efforts put into reducing overall waste, there will be some
The ideal solution is to form a cohesive end-to-end waste management programme that
promotes recycling waste material. The key is to maintain the circle – reduce, reuse and

Try to reduce carbon footprints and help your audience with transportation Bringing environmental

While choosing a venue, organisers should think from the attendees’ perspective as well. How Bringing environmental
are they going to get to the place? How far is the airport? Or the nearest station? If the venue
is more accessible, more attendees will surely show up.
Moreover, an accessible venue means a shorter ride to the destination, which typically
proposes a lower carbon footprint. Another solution to host sustainable and eco-friendly
events is to take care of public transportation. It helps if a public conveyance is available
between the venue and the airport, hotels or around the city.

Make a checklist to remove potential waste from your events Bringing environmental

Yes, the good old checklist can help astronauts launch a rocket in space; then again, it can  Bringing environmental
help you organise an environmentally friendly event too.
Try to make things easy for the attendees as you go paperless. Adhering strictly to digital
means and sending invitations via email, WhatsApp and setting up digital ticketing on arrival
as well.
If your audience count is not too much, then manage the food catering and water supplies
through a single table. Because handing out plastic bottles and wrapped food at events can
create a pile of wastage, which we assume you want to reduce.

Reduce energy and consumption of other resources at the event Bringing environmental

Trying to reduce the resources to their most frugal use can be strikingly economical. That Bringing environmental
also implies not to deprive your attendees of anything that’s promised but to be more efficient
with it.
For instance, using only certified LED light at a night event can impact the contingencies for
good and save a handful of money from the budget. Organisers nowadays take their
environmental duties seriously and try to provide you with a certified venue, ensuring high
efficiency and minimal waste.
In case you’re managing everything on your own, doing tiny bits from your end can get you a
sense of achievement.
 Do away with excessive indoor lighting; utilise natural light as much as you can.
 Make sure the AC or heating unit inside the venue is working efficiently. Switch the
system to fan mode when it’s possible.
 Make a proper power utility plan centralising the use of electricity and power saving.
Some minor variations can make a big difference. We urge you to stay creative and find more
means to organise more meaningful and environmentally friendly events.

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