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Bringing The Hamptons Into Your Kitchen!

A beautifully designed kitchen is clutter-free, spacious, and, more importantly, inviting. If your kitchen doesn’t feel like it’s all three of those things, you need to consider remodeling it. After all, the rest of your home is lovely. Why should your kitchen be any different?

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However, merely reorganizing a few shelves and repainting the space won’t do. Your kitchen needs a complete makeover. In other words, you need to opt for a Hampton kitchen design.

There are, perhaps, a mere handful of aesthetic choices that can come close to such kitchens. Indeed, with a surge in home remodelling in Australia over the past year, there has never been a better time to redesign your kitchen.

So, this article will delve into what you need to consider while going for such designs. You don’t need to worry. The entire process is relatively straightforward.

The basics of a Hampton-style kitchen

Hampton kitchen has a few standard aesthetic traits. That sounds like a made-up statement, but it actually isn’t. From its colour palette to a specific type of cabinets, there are some things you cannot play with.

Read on to know more about these design choices.

1. A minimal colour palette

The first thing that is characteristic of a kitchen in the Hamptons is a minimal colour palette. While bright colours can seem warm initially, the reality is that such colours make a space seem gaudy.

It would be best if you choose either grey or white. Eggshell white works phenomenally when your kitchen has plenty of natural light. In case it doesn’t, opt for softer tones. That gives the space a more expansive look.

This isn’t just meant for the walls. With a few exceptions, everything, from your cabinets to your kitchen island, needs to follow this colour palette.

2. Contrast through handles and knobs

In the point listed above, there was a hint of where exceptions to the colour palette can be made. This, then, is how you bring in some contrast to your kitchen.

The handles or knobs to your doors, cabinets and even the faucet to your kitchen sink can be matte black or chrome. While many consider chrome to be the classic choice, matte black brings a contemporary look to your kitchen.

Additionally, you could go for brass handles. All the choices work. The only consideration is related to maintaining an even flow in terms of appearance.

3. Shaker fronts for cabinets

While it’s not mandatory, you should look into getting shaker fronts for your cabinets. A shaker front has the cabinet handle at the lower left or right end. The rest of the cabinet surface is smooth and plain, with a single colour.

Hampton kitchen often incorporates such cabinet designs because they give off a cohesive appearance. If you want to, you could pick glass fronts for your cabinets. However, that might create a disjointed appearance depending on the kitchen layout.

4. A darker tone for your floorboards

Establishing a single colour in your kitchen looks beautiful. However, it would help if you also considered your floorboards. If they are the same colour as the walls and cabinets, that will ruin the entire look.

Consider going for a darker tone for your floorboards. A robust wooden tone with a polished finish will often suit the space better. If that’s not your style, get it painted matte black. Whatever you choose, the final colour must be starkly different from your walls.

In summary

The entire point of a Hampton-style kitchen is to create a cohesive look. Contrast, then, comes with the use of monochrome colours and the effective placement of appliances and kitchen tools.

When going about the entire remodeling process, remember the three things mentioned at the very outset of this article. The space needs to be free from clutter, spacious, and, without a doubt, inviting.

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