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Buying LED lamps, what should you pay attention to?

If you are going to Buying LED lamps, it can be quite complex. Because of the many providers and information, people sometimes no longer see the wood for the trees. In addition, there are many difficult lighting terms that most people have no idea about. We have therefore collected some information and tips that can make the search for the right LED lamps a bit easier. Here we pay attention to the important characteristics of lamps that you should take into account.    

Is this a reliable supplier?

The first thing you as a consumer will investigate is of course the reliability of the supplier from which you want to purchase lighting. There are a few key points against which you can measure this:

– Customer reviews

Does the company get good independent reviews from customers who came before you? Note that this only says something if the reviews are actually on an independent website such as Kiyoh. This party checks the reviews for authenticity and ensures that the company cannot register reviews itself.

– Accessibility

Does the company have tel? number and is there a quick response to email contact. If so, then there is probably a professional party behind it. If this is not the case, it is better to go to a reputable party that will help you quickly. Ledlampenfabriek.nl, therefore, has a super-fast chat service that can help you throughout the day.

– Payment options

You can often tell whether a company is reliable from the payment options that a webshop offers. For example, if a webshop does not have Ideal, this is not only inconvenient. In addition, the really reliable webshops also offer Paypal with which the buyer can claim his money back. For real reliability, you look for a company where you can pay afterward, of course!Buying LED lamps

– Approvals and certifications

To indicate reliability, many web shops use a quality mark. However, due to the criticism of the many webshop quality marks, these have become worth a lot less. You better pay attention to the certifications you come across. All European countries that import lighting must be CE and ROHS certified. This indicates that the lamps have been tested and are produced sustainably.

– Reputable brands

If a webshop sells renowned brands such as Philips and Osram, you can almost assume that this is a reliable company. Otherwise, these large manufacturers will not supply the company with lamps.

– Contact details

One of the most important things on a webshop is the contact details. These must be complete and easy to find. If a company hides the contact details, this should already arouse suspicion among consumers. Therefore, always make sure that the address details, telephone number, and e-mail address are stated. Dutch webshops are also obliged to place their Chamber of Commerce number and address on the homepage so that this can be found quickly for everyone. 

– Do you get a warranty on the lamps?

If a supplier is really reliable and stands behind its products, you should get a warranty on the products. Buying LED lamps is a risky and large investment for most people. At Ledlampenfabriek.nl you get a standard 2-year warranty on all products. Branded lighting often has a longer warranty period.

The light output is not always apparent from the number of watts

Many people pay too much attention to the wattage of the LED lamp to compare with their traditional lamps. However, this is not the correct way to estimate the light output. You better pay attention to the number of lumens. The number of lumens indicates how much light actually comes out of the lamp. A 50W halogen lamp has a light output of 400-450 lumens, for example. Also, read the page about choosing the right power for your LED lamp.

The light color (Kelvin) of the lamp

The light color of the new lamps is of great importance to most people. Many people want an LED lamp with a light color that approximates the light color of their traditional lamp as much as possible. The light color is almost always stated in the product specification. Here you will find more information about the different light ideas and colors.

The beam angle of the lamp

Many people forget to pay attention to the light angle of the lamp. These people often find out that the LED lamp radiates much less wide than the traditional lamp. To prevent this, you can always find the beam angle in the product specifications. For example, a beam angle of 30 degrees is very narrow and deep. A lamp with a beam angle of 120 degrees will shine much wider but less deeply.

Not every LED lamp is dimmable

Many LED lamps are now dimmable, but this saves a lot in price. We have therefore chosen to limit the number of dimmable LED lamps in our range. Whether a lamp is dimmable is always stated in the product specifications. You often also have to replace the dimmer because the minimum wattage of your traditional dimmer is too high.

The water-resistance of the lamp

The water tightness of a lamp is always shown in the product specifications at Led Lampen Fabriek under the heading IP standard. The IP value indicates to what extent the lamp is waterproof. The higher the IP standard, the better the lamp is resistant to moisture. A lamp with an IP20 standard is only suitable for indoor use, IP44 is splash-proof and suitable for a bathroom, for example. IP65 or IP67 is completely waterproof, so you can also use lamps with this standard outside or even underwater!

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