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Can Excessive Sun Exposure Damage Your Roof?

Does the sunlight on your roof affect the integrity of the material in your roof? The answer depends on what type of material it is made of. Excessive sun exposure can damage metal and plastic components, causing “thermal shock” in those materials. Over time, plastic can warp or become destabilized. Metal components will weaken and become brittle. Exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging process of your roof. To minimize the effects of sunlight, you can consider replacing your roof.

Warped Shingles

Exposure to the sun damages asphalt shingles by wearing them down. Although modern shingles are engineered to resist damage from ultraviolet radiation, they cannot guarantee a lifetime of protection against this hazard. Homes at higher altitudes and in high-sun areas are particularly susceptible. In such cases, roofers recommend installing alternative roofing materials for their customers. Stone panels and clay tiles are popular alternatives. Stone panels are resistant to high levels of UV radiation and are an excellent choice for homes in arid climates. Nos especializamos en la Reparacion Tejados Leon de todo tipo, retejados, construcción de tejados, eliminar goteras, humedades y filtraciones de agua, restauración de fachadas, impermeabilizaciones, montaje de canalones, reformas en interiores y mucho más.

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During the summer months, your roof’s shingles are exposed to the hot rays of the sun. Excessive heat can curl the edges of the shingles and cause the warping of the roof. Although warped shingles are common, they are unlikely to disappear on their own and should be repaired as soon as possible. Depending on the severity of the warping, the problem may require professional repair or replacement.


Corals have a unique way of detecting stress in their environment. When expose to too much sunlight, they release the pigments called zooxanthellae that give them their color. This process is called coral bleaching and is not entirely understood. Although the causes are diverse, a significant contributor is the increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Rising seawater temperatures are also a known cause of coral bleaching.

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Overexposure to the sun can also cause bleaching of coral. Coral bleaching can cause a coral to lose its vibrant color and turn white. Corals are characterized by bright colors because of microscopic algae called zooxanthellae, which live inside them and help them survive. The algae die off when the ocean changes and the coral loses its color. When the temperature remains high, this process can cause the coral to fade completely or become gray.


Excessive sunlight can contribute to the growth of mold on surfaces. During hot weather, the humidity in the air can fall below 70 percent, and materials lose this moisture to the surrounding atmosphere. Once the relative humidity rises above 70 percent, most molds stop growing and die. However, the mold spores remain viable and remain on the host material. When the relative humidity drops below 70 percent, the spores become active and cause problems.

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To prevent mold growth, it’s important to air your closet regularly. If the climate is warm enough, you can open the closet doors and windows and air out the contents. Don’t leave wet fabrics, such as dishcloths, on the floor. Wet clothes tend to develop mildew, which is why it’s important to hang damp towels or cloths to dry. Excessive exposure to the sun’s UV rays can also lead to the growth of mold spores.

Water Leaks

Inspect your roof for visible signs of water leaks caused by excessive sun exposure. You may have a deteriorated gasket at the base of a pipe that runs through the roof. If it’s damaged, the water will follow the pipe down the roof and end up in your first-floor bathroom. Excessive sun exposure will also cause the materials used to make the gasket to break down. If you notice the leak, you can either fix the gasket or replace the entire roof.


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