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Can Images Support Your Press Release?

Find Out the Most Efficient Tips

It is better to see an image once than to hear hundreds of times about it. Experts say that public relations images are able to boost your press release campaign and make the process go smoother. We are going to see what types of images are the most efficient to insert into your next press release.

Types of Images for Your Press Release Campaign

  • Promotional Images

The goal of inserting promotional images into your press release is to create an effect of a bright show and highlight the key selling points of your campaign. The best thing about promotional images is that you can edit them as much as you want. You can express your creativity to the maximum. We recommend you purchase the copyright and use various stock images you easily find on photo banks. Just do not forget to include this expense in your marketing campaign budget.


  • Headshots Images

It is a good idea to create a separate file of headshots for the entire cast, making it available for the entire team who is working on your press release. It is safer to use your own photo library than to download images randomly on the internet. Some images you download online require copyrights and they can be quite expensive. So, use your own images or stock images in order to avoid any legal issues.


  • Rehearsal Shots

Make sure that your press outlet runs a gallery of suitable and eye-catching rehearsal shots. It is practical to keep the collection of rehearsal images for interviews and previews to give a creative flavor to your work. They help you remind the target audience that your corporate event is coming very soon. Use them for your corporate news announcement. The best examples of rehearsal images are where you can feel dynamic. You can use photos of the company’s colleagues laughing together or doing their job at the desk, etc.


  • Production shots

It is recommended to take the production shots during the press rehearsal. Make sure they are available before the press event. If you miss the right moment, you will delay the reviews of journalists. By choosing production shots, you must choose light shorts with two characters, which interact in a dynamic way. It is normal when people dance, fight, or kiss. You will use those images alongside journalists’ reviews. It is always better to hire a professional photographer who has professional equipment.


  • Press Party Photos

Are you choosing photos for the press party? Usually, such outlets include glamor shots, big smiles, and happy faces. You can make photos of your creative team altogether, and do not forget to smile. You can take pictures when your team is celebrating something with glasses. Such images are the best for press outlets and posts on social media channels. Do not forget to tag all the people on social platforms.

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