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Can Insulating The Roof Make A Conservatory Cooler In The Summer?

The process of insulating a conservatory involves more than just insulation. In terms of cooling, the best thing to do is shade. The ideal is to shade that’s only efficient in summer, just as Brise soleil is. This can be achieved by constructing the use of a narrow (say about 750mm wide) pergola that is at roof level that can be built close to the conservatory roof glass panels.

If you add this feature the possibility exists to incorporate deciduous plants such as grapes, wisteria, or any other climbing plant, that will let light through in winter when it’s need however, they will also provide enough shade to keep the room cool during summer.

The thermal blind can be beneficial during winter too, to cover the conservatory roof as well as the windows. Select a system that is adjustable for both purposes for added benefits.

Is The Cost Of Insulating The Conservatory Roof Worth It?

It is dependent on the type of conservatory you’d like to use during winter or in the summer. The goal of conservatories is to give homeowners an inviting, light, airy space with the feeling of the outdoors, without actually being outside.

There are a lot of obvious reasons; a structure that is not insulate compose of glass isn’t able to do this. It is, however, evident to be that these obvious factors are not consider when purchasing conservatories.

In a new construction circumstance, whether the entire home or the conservatory, it’s quite simple to create a thermally efficient space, which has a solid and insulation-free roof.

Conservatories that are in use today have a harder start situation, and are able to only pick from insulation with lower cost choices as well as the lower levels of thermal efficiency that they offer.

Another thing to think about: If you are looking to make a true year-round area, or increase living space (to create a dining area in the kitchen in this case) You might want to consider the expense of replacing your roof vs. changing a conservatory to an extension.

How Much Heat Can Be Conserved Through The Insulation Of A Conservatory Roof?

A completely glaze conservatory measuring 4m by 5m is expect to require around 3kW of heat in winter.

The same room that has a light-insulated roof will require about 2.7kW and will result in 10% savings.

The same space with a roof that is solid requires about 2.5kW, that’s a savings of 16% only using insulation.

The maximum amount that can be save through insulating a conservatory’s roof is approximately 600 kWh annually, which is the value being lower than PS40. Conservatory roof glass panels can make it easier to deal with the more harsh elements of the weather and make the space more comfortable and more suited to use during colder months, over time.

Which Insulation For Conservatory Roofs Is Best?

Conservatories are a wonderful feature for your home; however, they can also be a source of problems. Most of the time homeowners will find that their conservatories are cold in winter, and too hot in summer. This is in addition to condensation as well as glare, mould and faded furniture being a problem.

This usually is due to the absence for insulation within the conservatory. The process of insulating a conservatory is challenging. The primary reason to build the conservatory is beautiful windows that allow light in and offer homeowners a gorgeous view which is why homeowners aren’t keen to cover these windows and, therefore, are reluctant to cover them up.

It is often the case that one area that is part of the conservatory can be not consider. It’s one of the major causes of problems with temperature in the conservatories and can be solve very easily:

Insulated Panels

Insulate panels, like Green panel, is among the most efficient conservatory roof insulation choices since they’re design with the sole purpose of insulating the roof of the conservatory, and they are a highly efficient and effective method to protect your conservatory’s roof.

The U-Value of these materials is 0.29 eight times less than polycarbonate, which is about 3.8 (4mm the thickness of polycarbonate). The U-Value is a measurement of the heat that is transfer by an object.

The more effective at insulating and absorbing heat, the less of heat that it transfers and, consequently, the lower the U-Value.

The U-Value is an excellent way to decide the Conservatory roof glass panels you should pick. When deciding the conservatory roof insulation you want to install, another factor will be the quantity of sunlight due to the installation of the insulation.

Insulating panels may have reflective coating beneath that lets light reflect around the room while maintaining a fresh and airy feeling. Additionally, they could be coat with a matte finish that makes the interior of the roof appear like the ceiling of other common room with an aesthetically pleasing ceiling.

This is also a flexible option by the fact that not all of the panels have to be replaced, and some CUIN glass panes could remain, allowing some light to penetrate the roof, while receiving the benefits of thermal insulation of the roof for conservatories.

Tiled Roofing

Another option to consider before deciding on the conservatory roof insulation you want to use is tile roof. The conservatory roof insulation typically will require the roof to be replace by a structure to which the roofing tiles will be join to.

This kind that conservatory roof insulation is typically considered to be one of the more attractive options for aesthetics, making the appearance of the conservatory as if it’s an addition.

When choosing a conservatory roof insulation to use, one of the most important factors to consider is how heavy the insulation system is as well as whether the framework of the conservatory is sturdy enough to support it.

The framework’s age and strength should be evaluate to determine whether it’s appropriate for the weight need to support the tiles. Conservatory roof glass panels must be sturdy enough to support it. 

The second consideration to consider when considering tile roofing as a possible alternative to provide conservatory roofing insulation is U-Value.

The U-Value for a building’s roof may range from 0.10 to having no insulation properties, and so the installation of a tile insulate conservatory roof can provide excellent or bad conservatory insulation, base on the insulation that is use and the method of construction.

The conservatory roof insulation that is tile will basically create a normal ceiling in the conservatory just like other rooms within the house and consequently the light will come from windows and won’t be reflective as much as other options for conservatory roof insulation.

Tinted Glass , Also Known As Window Film

Another option you can consider when choosing the conservatory roof insulation you want to use is tint or colour glass or, as a less expensive option to replace all the glass window film.

They both offer the similar benefits, which are principally to decrease fade and glare inside the conservatory. The U-Value for tinted glass is exactly identical to that of un-tinted glass and, therefore, it doesn’t have any insulation property of its own.

The degree of insulation depends on how many panes CUIN Glass are employed, but in summer months, it could block the sun from getting into the conservatory, and thus lessen greenhouse effects, and make it cooler in the summer.

Depending on the quantity of panes that are tint, the weight of glass will vary. It can actually be quite a heavy choice as a conservatory roofing insulation creating a dilemma in certain instances when deciding the conservatory roof insulation you choose.

However this type of insulation for conservatories can keep a lot of light that can be into the conservatory when compare to tile roofing.

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