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Cancer Aries Sexual| Intimacy Marriage Compatibility

The zodiac sign, Cancer, and its ruler, the Moon, represent the family. Many of us cannot see our parents as sexual beings, and so we perceive Cancer as an asexual sign. People born under this sign, too, feel that they have an asexual nature. They are not likely to have one-night stands or brief flings based on sexual chemistry. They tend to have sexual relationships only if they feel an emotional connect with their partner. Being with the right person can help them to explore other aspects of their sexuality.

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Marriage Compatibility: Intimacy

When it comes to Aries, they are not known for gentleness, whereas Cancer seeks tenderness in sexual relations. Aries is bold and aggressive and is not good at showing emotion. Intimacy is something that needs to be built for the Ram. If they can reconcile such differences at the very beginning, and if neither is forced into something they are not ready for, their relationship could solidify, and their sexual chemistry could take off and turn into a sensual and exciting union.

Sexual attraction is definitely present between these two. Cancer’s shyness attracts the outgoing Aries, who likes to chase. A game of cat and mouse may ensue as Aries tries to seduce the coy Cancer. Aries wants everything quickly while Cancer plays hard to get.

When they finally come together, a lot of heat can be generated as both signs are passionate. Cancer is a giver, while Aries is a taker. Aries and Cancer see sex differently. To Aries, sex is fun and provides physical pleasure. For Cancer, sex is tied to emotions, and it is an expression of love. Such different approaches may lead to problems.

Cancer finds Aries pushy and aggressive. Aries’ straightforward nature and blunt speech may come across as harsh to the sensitive Cancer. There is also huge difference in how they express and recognize emotions. Aries will be annoyed by Cancer’s efforts to tie them down and refusal to have sex on demand. Cancer will feel disappointed by Aries’ self-centered ways in bed and inability to show tenderness.

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Marriage Compatibility: Trust

Cancer is slow to trust people. Aries has a roving eye, but once they fall in love, they are loyal to their partner. Aries can be possessive at times, but they need not fear that Cancer will cheat on them. Once Cancer commits to someone, they will be very devoted.

It would take a very unhappy Crab to cheat on their partner because this sign usually plays for keeps. Aries needs a partner who is spontaneous and fun. They don’t like to feel suffocated in a relationship. They won’t let go of their freedom and independence. Aries needs their partner to trust them because they will want to be on their own sometimes. Cancer may find it hard to deal with this.

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Marriage Compatibility: Shared Activities

Both of them tend to act on impulse and walk away from a conversation before they make their point. The truth is, they are prone to pushing each other’s buttons. Their interests are very different too.

Aries is more into outdoor activities and sports, while Cancer is a homebody who likes to cook and potter about the home. Aries may love the fact that they can come back to a warm and cozy home after their adventures in the outside world but may feel suffocated at times, too. Both are cardinal signs, so they can understand each other’s personalities. This could help them to resolve their conflicts.


Aries is ruled by Mars and Cancer by the Moon. So, hurt and emotional pain could be part of their journey unless they really love each other. They need to be gentle and considerate towards each other. Aries has a sharp tongue that can hurt sensitive Cancer. Aries does not like Cancer’s nagging. Cancer’s clingy and overprotective nature can irritate the independent Aries.


Aries is a selfish sign and has a tendency to unload their emotional needs onto Cancer. Cancer will be willing to play along, but at some point, they will push back when their own needs are unmet. Both Aries and Cancer are deeply emotional.

They have high expectations of their partners. But they may put up strict boundaries as they are afraid of their own sensitivity. Cancer’s focus on home and family stems from their need for a safe haven for their emotions and people to care about. Aries and Cancer do share some traits. Both want to be taken care of. They are also moody. Aries, who is constantly fighting with others, sees Cancer as a comforting presence in their life. Cancer is attracted to Aries’ energy and zest for life.


Cancer rules Home, while Aries rules Self. Both tend to be very protective towards their loved ones. But there, the similarity ends. Cancer loves routine. But Aries needs constant stimulation. They get bored and restless without it. Both have different notions about life.

Aries is always seeking change and adventure, while Cancer seeks safety and security. For Cancer, home and family are paramount, but for Aries, career and ambition come first. They also put their own needs first. This can be pretty difficult for Cancer, a loving and nurturing sign, to comprehend.

Summing up

Aries and Cancer are strongly attracted to each other in the beginning, but this couple will run into problems soon. Both signs form a square (three signs apart), and this creates a push-pull dynamic leading to power struggles and a turbulent relationship.

But if they overcome such hurdles, they can have an enduring bond. A lot of work may be needed to make it a success. Both will have to adapt and change their behavior. But the rewards will be very gratifying if they persevere. Check your Marriage Compatibility here.

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