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Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes over the last 50 years.

Now through December 29, Captain D’s, the nation’s premier fast-casual seafood restaurant, is offering its most popular items at a pricing range that their customers will enjoy even more.

“To celebrate our 50th year as a popular seafood brand, we’re honoring our visitors and offering four of Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes at a terrific price,” said Bindi Menon, Captain D’s vice president of national marketing. “Our 10-piece Family lunch is also available, which is ideal for when you have a large group of relatives visiting around the holidays.”

Fan Favorites From Captain D’s – $5.99

Signature Batter-Dipped Fish and Shrimp, The Sampler — a variety of fish, chicken, and shrimp, Southern Style White Fish, and the Giant Fish Sandwich combo is among the featured $5.99 Fan Favorites. Captain D’s welcomes guests to warm up with Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes which will be available till the new year.

All of the $5.99 Fan Favorites are included in Captain D’s promotion. With a discount on Captain D’s Coupons code

Captain D’s Background

More than 530 Captain D’s restaurants are located in 22 states, including Nashville, Tennessee. Captain D’s is the most popular fast-casual seafood restaurant in the United States, according to AUV’s QSR 50. Since its inception in 1969, Captain D’s has been providing affordable, high-quality seafood in a friendly setting for over half a century.

Large Selection

Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes offers a large selection of seafood, including freshly cooked dishes and the company’s famous battered fish. Hushpuppies, sweets, and freshly brewed, Southern-style sweet tea, a Captain D’s favorite, are also available at the restaurants, as are premium-quality grilled delicacies such as shrimp,

Tilapia, and Salmon, as well as hushpuppies, desserts, and freshly brewed Southern-style sweet tea.

Great Seafood’s Untold Secret

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of seafood. Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes specialty is traditional American seafood with a few unique twists that delight with new flavors and textures. And no one does it better than us. We never veer from the fundamental premise that great ingredients prepared well make the best meal.

whether we’re cooking an old favorite or exposing you to something pleasantly different. We’ve worked hard from the outset to provide a variety of options for everyone in your family and to offer them Full Meals. And you know you can sit back, relax, and enjoy it when it’s done the Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes.

What Is Captain D’s Method?

It’s the way we take great care and pride in serving you a delicious seafood meal (that doesn’t require a special occasion). It’s how we handpick the best ingredients, like our Wild Caught Salmon, and prepare them fresh for you:

Hand-battered and breaded whole muscle fillets or seasoned and fire-grilled fillets are prepared upon request. Daily, our restaurants mix and prepare condiments such as hush puppies and coleslaw from scratch.

Our famous Batter-Dipped Fish from the Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes is hand-dipped into our signature batter, which we make in-house every day—the special, secret blend is savory and lightly seasoned, and it cooks to a crisp, craveable deliciousness. And our attention to detail doesn’t stop in the kitchen-dailywold. You’ll be greeted with a smile as soon as you walk in, and your order will be served with delight.

Quality Has You Hooked

Everyone should be able to enjoy delicious, affordable seafood meals, according to Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes We begin by searching the seven seas, as well as a few lakes and a river or two, for the best ingredients to prepare those special meals for you-dailywold.

It’s crucial to us that our food is not only delicious but also of the best possible quality. We also don’t compromise on quality, which is why the fish we offer is a complete tenderloin fillet.

At Captain D’s, we endeavor to provide you with the highest quality seafood while keeping our pricing below the tide.

Whole Fillet Is The Catch Of -Dailywold

We’ve never caught a “fish stick,” as far as we know. We’ve never served them because of this. We never offer any of the pre-processed fish that comes in inboxes. We’re also delighted to present you with actual fillets, sliced entire from the tenderloin, the tastiest portion of the fish. After that, we hand-bread or batter it.

or season and grill it to perfection. That’s the kind of fish we like – simply break apart your next piece of Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes fish to see the difference in the fillets.


Pollock are caught in the wild in the northern Pacific Ocean. Feel free to order another because they are one of the most popular types of seafood in the United States and one of the most abundant species on the planet.


Whitefish is mild and flaky.11838 Morganton, North Carolina. On the 6th of January, 2019, I checked it out on my phone. Concentrate on the fish.

This was “okay” at best when compared to Long John Silver’s. Both the fish and the shrimp fared well. The meat was dried up and chewy, and there was too much tasteless breading in the chicken. Tiny shrimp, tasteless breading, narrow vs ample fillets I couldn’t eat the Mac & Cheese since it was thick, gummy, and bland. As a result of its age and exposure to the elements, the salad had become completely dry.

Taste Review

Clam strips were rough and mostly breaded. If we ever go there, we’ll order the fish with green beans and okra, and we’ll probably agree that it’s a good combination. The staff was quite pleasant. The dining room was in good condition.

We both wished we had eaten at Abele’s or Arby’s next door. Their Corp members must order the same meals from Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes  (fish/chicken/shrimp/clams) at both their restaurants. And Long John Silver’s and decide for themselves what changes are necessary.

Suitable For Fast Food

The standard Captain D’s Most Popular Dishes menu is available here but without the usual Captain D’s wait. The dinner arrived soon and was hot to the touch. The fish was delicious, and the hush puppies were crisp.

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