Animals & Pets

Animals & Pets

The reason we are so devoted to our Animals & Pets isn’t easily explained. When our pets gaze at us, we can only see love reflecting in our faces. Animals & Pets are our children. We share a common bond of affection for them. What is the reason?

Does this relationship have evolved over the past a long time and is this a new change?

The evidence suggests that the domestication of dogs took place between 13,000 to thirty years before. The history Animals & Pets like of dogs suggests.

That they are the oldest animal that humans have bonded with. Evidence found in archaeological sites indicates that dogs from the beginning of domestication helped human beings hunt mammoths.

The artwork discovered around 10,000 years ago shows illustrations of dogs that lead researchers to believe that dogs were revered and maybe even loved.

Researchers discovered an ancient burial ground in Siberia in 2016 , which found 5,000 to 8,000 years old dogs that were buried alongside humans.

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