• OPC to a Private Limited Company

    How to convert an OPC to a Private Limited Company?

    There are many reasons you might need to convert your One Person Company into a Private Limited business entity. Problem arrives when you’re finally taking the steps to do it. The steps that are present online are quite cumbersome. It makes following them a moot point. Therefore, with this article, we are trying to make this procedure easuy for you.…

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  • Legal Metrology Consultancy

    Legal Metrology Consultancy: The Services they provide

    People don’t think much of the Legal Metrology Department. To this day, many of them believe that overseeing the standards of weights and measuring products is the one and only concern of this government body. Are they wrong? The answer to this question is quite complicated. Yes, it’s the primary task of the Legal Metrology Department to oversee the standards…

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  • dealer certification

    What is dealer Certification in terms of weights and measuring products?

    You can’t just import weights and measuring products without the approval of Legal metrology department. And even if you have that, you need to approval to deal with them. It’s known as Dealer Certification. An authorized dealer certificate signifies the permission to solicit in weights  & measure articles in India. It’s issued by the legal metrology department under the legal…

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  • Accident victims need a San Diego personal injury lawyer

    The San Diego personal injury lawyers at Gingery Hammer & Schneiderman will fight for you. You may have been harmed in a vehicle accident that was caused by someone else, and the injuries you received as a result of this event resulted in a large number of medical bills which led to suffering. As their attorney, it’s critical not only to speak…

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  • family lawyers

    Meditation Is Important & Mississauga Family Lawyers

    Ending a marriage is not an easy decision to make, but spouses have to do this for reasons. Divorce is not something that people like to talk about. It can leave behind feelings that hurt and cause heartaches. At times, a divorce process becomes a war between spouses who don’t want to live with each other. In a contested divorce,…

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  • bookkeeping services in Steinbach

    Top 7 signs your bookkeeper is fooling you

    If the economy wasn’t bad enough, you might not have to watch out for unethical bookkeepers. But, the good news is, there are simple signs which can help detect whether a bookkeeper is substandard or someone you shouldn’t blindly trust. Here’s a shortlist of warning bells that your bookkeeper is tricking you  The bookkeeper is behind the books:  When you…

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  • Lethbridge real estate lawyer

    Top 4 Reasons to Hire a Lethbridge Real Estate Lawyer

    Sometimes or the other, we keep hiring lawyers for different purposes. The type of lawyer that we hire depends on our work. Sometimes, we need legal representation in court which requires us to hire a lawyer. Other times, we may be getting a property that requires us to have a Lethbridge real estate lawyer. Most of the time, hiring a…

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  • best immigration lawyer in Calgary

    Tips to Hire an Immigration Lawyer

    The Immigration system in Canada is quite a complex one. There are many laws and policies that govern Immigration issues all over Canada. Immigration laws vary from province to province.  It becomes difficult for any Immigration applicant to understand them correctly without legal help. Hiring an Immigration attorney in Calgary can be beneficial for your case. The best  Immigration lawyer…

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  • Dealer possession license

    What is the difference between Dealer possession license & NDPL License

    Dealer possession license and NDPL License are authorizations require by those who wish to get possession of nuanced telecommunication products. There are certain telecom equipment that the department of telecommunication sees as way too technologically intensive and invasive for a civilian to have. Thus, through the procedure of issuance of a possession license, the applicant has to prove that he…

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  • Corporate Agent License

    Corporate Agent License: What are the documents required?

    A Corporate Agent license is a company, a cooperative society, an NGO or an IRDA-authorized individual that solicits in insurance policies of up to two insurance companies that it enters into contact with. Governed under the provisions of Insurance Regulatory and Development Act, 2015, a corporate agent can only initiate their business after obtaining the corporate agent license. This blog…

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