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Piracy has been one of the main reasons, behind the loss, of creators lately.

May it be movies&Video makers.  talk shows and web series, most of the expected, revenue gets diverted, by illegal websites.

Which provides them, free of cost. Well, netizens also encourage, such free websites out of curiosity.

But the effects, of the presence of such websites.  Movies & videos have been in buzz lately, due to the sudden, rise of viewers, and platforms in the last 2 years.

As per the recent statistics, more than 6% of the expected revenue, for genuine creators has been grabbed, by such illegal sites.

Besides, it has been easy for such sites, to copy the movie as most. the newly released. were on the OTT platforms. But, some websites took the piracy content.

The next level by providing HD content, of the new releases.

One such website is Movierulz For Daily Movies & Videos, which is gaining insane popularity, among netizens for the latest, movies in HD quality.

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