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  • Dubai


    Dubai is a relatively simple place to invest. A business-friendly regulatory, financial, and legal environment encourages it. As one of the world’s most liberal economies, Dubai has proven to be an investor-friendly and stable worldwide hub. The number of people investing in the UAE is increasing, as is the number of asset types from which citizens can choose to develop…

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  • Custodian Service for your property in India

    How a Custodian helps you with your property in India?

    The Best custodian that provides the best possible services to the clients. Services provided are for the customers that are solely based on their needs. Services are provided in all types of commercial properties. You have to hire a custodian to take care of your property in India. It is a part of the asset management sector and one of…

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  • free home exchange in India

    Why Need to Exchange Home or Flat in India

    There are a lot of reasons why people want to do a home exchange. Some people want to travel but can’t afford to do so, others have obligations at home and still others have a growing family and a big home and want to give it a try. One great thing about a home exchange is that you get a…

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  • free property bidding in india

    How to Get Free Property and Land in India?

    Have you ever thought of acquiring a property and land in India but didn’t want to spend a huge sum? If yes, then you want to read this article before the government decides to hike the prices of land and properties further. We all know that there is a free property bidding in India crunch in major cities. The land…

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  • Sell My Property

    How to Sell My Property at the Right Time

    Finding tips to sell my property is not always a simple task. The best way to do this is by using your local real estate agent to advise you of the right time to sell and also to make sure that the home you’re selling is in good shape before they want to put it up for sale. Local Real…

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  • The time is now: Why you should invest in your dream home this minute

    Prestige Group, Modi Builders and Merlin Group have scaled up operations and launched new units to cope with rising demands. One of the most poignant lines about the value of land and property is cited in the Hollywood classic, Gone With The Wind. ‘Why, land is the only thing in the world worth workin’ for, worth fightin’ for, worth dyin’…

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  • Types of real estate agents How to choose the right agent

    When we decide to make a transaction in this field, it is advisable to turn to a well-known real estate agency, in which to trust and finally take into account the agent’s advice. It is important to create a connection between clients and agents because specialized counseling helps us find the right answers to our questions. An intelligent agent with…

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  • What Are the Good Feature of an Ideal House? 

    Must have feature do vary from one home seeker to the other. But these few are the most common ones. Though the common areas of a house are similar the way and design of presenting these make the difference. A typical house does contain a drawing room, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and toilet. But for condos, are another type…

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  • rent-to-own-houses

    Is Your Rent To Own House Contract Going To End This Year?

    People living in rent to own houses can understand the hassle they have to go through whenever a plumbing issue arises, or when the roof starts to leak and you frequently have to call the landlord for yearly maintenance. But the happiness of getting your house renovated after the contract end, is something that one cannot give words to. Therefore,…

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  • Dubai Property Management Company

    Dubai Property Management Companies and their Works

    It is never easy to own a single home or a portfolio of properties. It necessitates that you perform many responsibilities, such as finding new renters, managing rent payments, overseeing property maintenance, and occasionally acting as a diplomat. Doing all of these tasks sounds difficult, doesn’t it? Binayah offers a wide range of services if you are seeking a trustworthy…

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