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Causes of Coughs in Babies

Coughs in Babies

When a baby coughs at night with tears-dropping eyes, it is so pathetic to his or her parents. As a baby, he or she cannot tell how he feels like an adult and suffers more. Knowing the causes of coughs in babies will help the parents to prevent the diseases by building up a healthy lifestyle.

Causes of Coughs in Babies are Many

Causes of coughs in babies are many. They include colds, flu, bacterial infections, irritations, allergies, asthma, and even psychological causes. Since there are many reasons of coughs in babies, parents usually cannot identify the causes of coughs in their babies until they take their babies to a pediatrician.

The Most Common Cause of Coughs in Babies: Viral Respiratory Tract Infection

Among all the coughs in babies, the most common cause of coughs is a viral respiratory tract infection, like a cold or the flu, according to the latest research of the world-famous pediatricians and statistics run by the medical sectors worldwide. There are two hundred types of viruses that cause cold, leading to coughs in babies. These viruses are spread by sneezing, coughing, and hand contact. Though cold is more common in the months of winter, it is a wrong idea of many parents that winter caused cold in their babies because cold weather does not cause cold. Colds are more common in winter because people remain closer to each other because of their remaining indoors to protect themselves from the bitter cold, and because dry and cold environments let the cold viruses stay longer on the surfaces, and also because the ability of the body of a baby to fight with the viruses in low temperature in winter. Just like cold viruses, another viral respiratory tract infection example of the most common cause of coughs in babies is flu.

Coughs are caused by flu or influenza viruses that are of various or different types, though the most common types of influenza viruses are type A influenza viruses and type B influenza viruses. The matter of frustration is that the influenza viruses keep chancing themselves that endangers the infected babies to get infected by the flu viruses many times, unfortunately. Like colds, influenza viruses or the flu spread more rapidly during winter because of the same reasons. Sometimes, the spreading of the flu viruses assumes the volume of an outbreak, and then more babies than usual are infected by these viruses. Babies can normally be affected by colds or flu viruses six to twelve times every year, about which the parents need to remain cautious.

The Other Causes of Coughs in Babies

The other or the less common causes of coughs in babies are bacterial respiratory tract infections, irritants like cold air, second-hand smoke and pollution, inhaled foreign objects or chocking, asthma, allergies, gastroesophageal reflux, structural issues with the windpipe or swallowing problems, a tic or a habit cough as psychological problems. A tic is a habitual spasmodic contraction of the muscles, most often in the face. Toxins in the nicotine from the smoke of the cigarettes endanger the babies when their parents or relatives or friends of their parents smoke near them. The babies have smaller airways than the adults, and thus it can become one of the other causes of coughs in babies easily. However, if you get parenthood through surrogacy, you might contract to the agencia gestacion subrogada (surrogacy agency) for immediate assistance with the baby.

When you will come to know about the coughs in babies by reading this article, you will hopefully become aware of the coughs in babies that will help you to take preventive steps in helping your baby building up a healthy lifestyle and providing your baby a healthy environment that will help your baby and your family to fight with the causes of coughs in babies.

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