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Characteristics Of A Successful ACS RPL Sample

An ACS RPL sample helps ICT professionals by giving them a clear idea of preparing their RPL report. Seeing a successful RPL ACS skill assessment sample, you can know the characteristics of a perfect report.

In all ACS approved RPL samples, we find the following things done in the expected order and format:

ACS guidelines for writing the best RPL report:

The reports show the actual work experience but not the theoretical one. Apart from that, the report is genuine and free from any false information.

Another thing is the credit is given to those whose ideas, diagrams, and examples were used to write the RPL report.

There are not any traces of plagiarism. Experts advise that even if you write your report by yourself mentioning only your experience, you should still check for plagiarism to avoid unintentional plagiarism.

There is considerable relevancy between the ANZSCO code list occupation the candidate is applying for and the actual work experience of the candidate. The descriptions of job duties and responsibilities of the candidate help them show their eligibility for a chosen occupation from the list.

Project report writing tips given by experts are also followed in the ACS RPL sample:

As per the ACS, you need to write two project reports to prepare a complete RPL report. Out of these two projects, one should have been done within the last three years and the second one within the last 5 years. You will see the following tips followed strictly in the RPL report to write the project report:

Projects are chosen carefully. The projects selected help the candidate show their professional skills and knowledge best and in harmony with the selected ANZSCO code list.

Project details like the project name, affiliated company, and the role given in the project are mentioned clearly in each project.

Project duties and responsibilities are appropriately described. The way the candidate’s idea was used in each project design and development highlights the candidate’s plus points.

Methods used in each project’s System Analysis and Design phase are explained clearly.

The ACS RPL sample clearly shows the programming skills by giving the programming languages that the candidate used in the project.

The report shows the candidate’s management skills, including all the database management techniques used in the project.

The report sample includes project management and quality assurance techniques that the applicant utilized in the project’s development to show their managerial skills. The description of the project’s security mechanisms is in detail.

The report clearly describes the nature and scope of the responsibilities and competencies of the candidate because they relate to ICT management.

The ACS RPL sample also shows the fulfillment of the following requirements for a successful ACS RPL report: 

Use of various methods when it comes to project management and quality assurance.

For security, different types of network topologies have been installed.

The candidate’s contribution to the design and implementation process.

Techniques for analyzing and designing systems.

Database design and management techniques.

The language used for the creation of the system.

The revelation of the systems’ plans and benefits using ICT managerial activities.

A proper description of work experience:

Another feature of a successful RPL report is the accurate description of the work experience in a Skilled Employment Reference letter. Apart from that, the candidates also submit related work experience under the skilled migration requirements. Some of the examples in the sample are given below:

A proper employment letterhead consists of the applicant’s name, working hours, position, job responsibilities, and other identifying details.

The candidate also submits business registration information and official statement from a registered account to own a business related to the chosen occupation list and work as an ICT employee. For example: if you see an ACS approved RPL sample for Computer Network and Systems Engineers 263111, then you will see their responsibilities in the following way:


Australia Computer Society,

It is to certify that Mr. Rahul Singh Rathore (Employee ID XXXX) was a full-time employee (40 hours per week) of Kritagya Software Solutions from 6 August 2013 to 15 March 2019. He was designated as (designation) at the time of being relieved.

Designation 6 August 2013 – 15 March 2019 India

He performed the duties given below:

  1. Integrating different computing systems and software apps so that they can act like coordinated whole complex system.
  2. Certifying (name of the product) for SAP HANA with Red Hat and SUSE operating systems.
  3. Analyzing, Interpreting, assessing architecture specification, troubleshooting, debugging, and developing patch image (product name).
  4. Doing knowledge transfer sessions with the team members.
  5. Writing Reference Architecture and installation guides for (product name).

Rahul has unparalleled verbal and written communication skills. He is very dedicated and can work independently. Apart from that, he can also multi-task to ensure that every project is completed promptly.

If requiring further information about his employment with Company Name, you can contact me at XXXXXXXXXX or email.



Manager’s name

Here, we provided you with the characteristics of ACS Approved RPL Samples. Although we provide you with the necessary information to write a successful RPL report keeping in mind the elements of a successful ACS RPL sample, we still advise you to take professional RPL report writing help. We also provided you with a sample of an employment reference letter briefly to give you an idea of it.

Remember knowing something and putting it into action are two different things. You need to have excellent descriptive skills, deep English grammar knowledge, plagiarism removal techniques, adherence to the ACS guidelines, proofreading skills, editing skills, a flair for English writing, professional training, research skills, and familiarity with the latest updates to write an excellent ACS RPL report.

Only a professional can have such a vast set of skills, not a non-professional. So, put your ego aside, take professional RPL report writing services, and remember that only seeing a successful ACS RPL sample can’t help you win the race.

If you need further information regarding successful ACS RPL sample characteristics, feel free to reach them.




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