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China New Year Lunar Festival | China Yearly Festival

China Spring Festival

The Gregorian calendar has been used in many parts of the world since it was introduced in 1582. This festival does not consist of one day but is celebrated for several days. According to the Gregorian calendar, the China Lunar New Year begins in February.

The lunar year is known as Chūnjié in Mandarin in China.

Koreans call it Seollal. The Vietnamese know it as Tet. Ancestors also remember the heavenly deities by holding feasts in their homes at the beginning of the lunar calendar.

The new year starts with the sighting of the moon and according to the lunar calendar, this festival is celebrated till the first fortnight of January. Until the moon reaches fullness. Each year of the lunar calendar is likened to an animal like a rat, ox, lion, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog, or pig. It is not only based on animals but includes the elements of earth, water, fire, wood, and metal.

After a long period of Nearly 60 years,

After a long period of Nearly 60 years,
After a long period of Nearly 60 years,

Today 2022 is the year of the Water Tiger this year represents courage and self-confidence and is capable of eliminating evil. There have been Lunar New Year celebrations in every era of human history, which have both brought joy and even ended relationships.

During the Lunar New Year,

  As a celebration of the new year, houses are cleaned to get rid of the old year’s bad diseases and evil spirits. The purpose of this procedure is to eliminate all of these.   One of the purposes, of cleaning houses, on New Year is to remove bad luck and make a house for good luck, in the coming year so that there is peace in the homes.

Their homes are decorated with colorful food as a tribute to their departed ancestors, and paper pictures are created by performing rituals. Writings in red are for health and prosperity as a symbol of love.   The ancestors express happiness by giving envelopes filled with money to the children.

Items made from rice cooked in more ghee are popular in traditional cuisine. Because these foods represent the bonding of relationships and other foods symbolize comfort and good luck. According to the Shang Dynasty in the fourteenth century BC, 14 BC is the China New Year. Celebrated in China, this holiday has been of great importance in society since ancient times in the agricultural profession. It was an occasion to worship and celebrate the harvest gods and pray for more harvests in the future.

IN 1949 American Scholar Yong Chen Decided

Not to celebrate this festival. in 1949 Communist Party leader Mao Zedong banned this tradition during his reign and followed it under the Gregorian calendar. The Chinese leaders of the 20th century, however, refused to accept it and wanted to continue the tradition as it was. 1996 saw the national and official spring festival dedicated to this mission. These holidays allowed people to go to their homes and celebrate the New Year.

What Did you know that San Francisco California says?

The China New Year parade is the world’s biggest celebration. The Chinese host it on the arrival of the New Year. There is increased use of public transport and people on the streets during holidays, causing traffic jams.

The Chinese Consider It Good Luck To Eat Fish For Dinner.

Residential of Chinese use fish in their language for abundance. The Chinese made Quick Noodles ball soup and moon-shaped rice cake into the foods of the year. In their culture, if you place a coin in a Spring Roll, you will gain good luck.

To honor their elders. they eat on plates of five fruits. In addition to a rice cake, mung beans, and pork, they also add dry fruits and roasted seeds to the recipe.

How to Celebrate In Korea?

From 1910 to 1945, Korea celebrated its independence. During the 1980s, Korean annexation led to the revival of Seollal celebrations. After World War II, Korea became a colony of Japan   With many families already involved in preparations for the holidays.

In 2003, north Korea began celebrating the New Year as a lunar calendar, with January 1st as the only official New Year.

People frequently visit the statue of North Korean founder Kim Sung and his son, Kim Jong, for fun. Chinese and Vietnamese elders give money in white envelopes instead of red envelopes to children during this holiday, while North and South Koreans give flowers.

According to Their Traditions.

They gather in the house of their elders and take care of politeness and respect and the members of the family prefer to stay at home on this occasion. In celebration of the Lunar New Year, people congratulate each other in an expression of happiness. Mandar greets friends and relatives with New Year greetings. Xinnia hao which means Happy new year

Xinnian Kuaile which means Happy new year. In Vietnamese, chuc mung means new year greetings. South Koreans use the word usually Saehaezeul for new year greetings.

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