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Choosing the best projector for playing Golf Simulators

A screen projector is something that is used in a vast variety of situations where a classic stationary display is not enough. First and one of the most popular usages of projectors is not watching movies at a true home cinema, as it seems to be — the most popular usage is showing business presentations.

Almost every office worker had seen it somewhere in the company’s conference room. Another popular usage is, yes — creating your very own movie theater at home. And the third one is playing games on a literally big screen. Not all games require it but there are some like golf simulators. You can read more about projectors right after we summarize what you’ll need to search for while choosing a projector for golf simulators in our article below.

How to use a projector to play golf simulators?

Golf simulators are not the most popular sports simulators, but they’re trying to be so. Nevertheless, they’re being sold every year, so they have their fanbase. But those games are not similar to the football simulators like Pro Evolution Soccer, hockey sims like NHL, or something about American football like the NFL series. But that’s not what our article is about.

Golf simulators have one significant difference from others — they need a really big screen just to see where you are sending your ball after a successful hit. And they’re expensive to be affordable to anyone somewhat close to playing real golf after buying a premium-class golf club season ticket. But gamers have a solution — buying a projector to play your favorite golf simulator literally on the wall.

Most projectors nowadays are simple to use, literally working via a “plug-and-play” system. It can be done easily even if you’re playing on a portable console like Nintendo Switch or something like that, not even mentioning something more powerful like a PC or PlayStation. Users must connect it to a computer or gaming console via HDMI. Really, it’s simple as that, because your gaming device will start using it as an external screen.

To improve your experience you may need to mount your projector somewhere on an adjustable ceiling mount that will make it perfect for multi-purpose usage, or place it into a floor-mounted golf simulator enclosure so it’ll look like a real piece of a golf field.

Which projectors are the best for playing golf simulators?

There are a vast variety of projectors to choose from, so you must think wisely before buying one to play golf simulators using it. Also, there’s no absolute best amongst them — every single gamer will prefer something different. So, we chose two models that’ll suit almost everyone in terms of price, reliability, and quality.

Optoma EH200ST

Best projector for gamers in terms of image quality — it can work with resolutions that are up to 1920×1080 with a screen ratio of 4:3 or 16:9. It will be perfect if combined with a properly prepared white surface, good screen, or a specially made golf simulator screen. It will cost you about $1000, but it’ll serve you best.

ViewSonic PX700HD

One of the best variants to use not only for playing golf sims but also as a budget projector for a home cinema. Supporting 1080p resolution, it works with a native 16:19 widescreen screen ratio. For about $600 you’ll get great that’ll suit your needs well.

What you’ll need to know before choosing a projector?

need to know before choosing projector

Literally, you’ll need to know almost nothing special before choosing your very own best projector for playing golf simulators. It must be able to project images with at least 1080p quality and have to be chosen depending on available space.

For a tiny and compact place, it must be Ultra Short Throw one. For a small place with up to 1.5 meters between projected surfaces, it must be a Short Throw projector that’ll project an image that’s up to 100-inch in diagonal. And if you have a large room with a big wall you may choose a Long Throw projector that’ll produce a large image with fantastic quality.

How big of a screen do you want?

When shopping for any type of projector, be sure to look at the lumens output. The larger screen sizes will require more light than smaller ones so that viewers can see an accurate picture with plenty of detail – which means you should go ahead and get one that has 1k+ ANSI Lumens (or 2K). If your room is going to remain completely dark then this number doesn’t matter as much but if there’s anything else beyond basic illumination planned like watching movies late at night while eating pizza then higher brightness numbers might come in handy!

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