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Cleaning tips for furniture

Furniture is present in almost every room and is an important part of the household. Keeping furniture clean is important for hygiene and durability. This cleaning guide will help you with the Cleaning tips for furniture. 

This list was created thanks to tips from specialists. We thank Angel Nellen, Korné Pot  Henk Boeke , Nicole Orriëns ( Huisvlijt.com ) and Janny Luppes ( Schoonmaaktips.info ) for their handy cleaning tips .

Cleaning fabric upholstery

When the furniture is covered with fabric, it is advisable to vacuum regularly with a furniture attachment. A stain can then be removed with carbonated water. Living room set 

To clean the furniture, it is best to use a damp microfiber cloth (only use water). If this does not work, you can use a stain remover in combination with a dry microfiber cloth. It is also advisable to regularly vacuum under the cushions of sofas and chairs. Unnoticed, a lot of dust and dirt collects here. Cleaning tips for furniture

If the upholstery has become faded, it is best to use cold vinegar water to get the original color back. You can also wipe the cover with carbon dioxide or carbon dioxide and then treat it with water. Try a new method of cleaning furniture in an inconspicuous area first

Cleaning wooden furniture

Clean stains on your oak table with a lukewarm beer. Always rub in the longitudinal direction of the wood grain. The wood should not get too wet and you should dry it immediately afterward. Baby wipes are ideal for cleaning glossy wood.

Green soap is the best way to clean teak furniture. The advantage of green soap is that it is not expensive to purchase, it smells nice and fresh, and works very well. Green soap removes all stains on teak furniture. Another advantage is that the teak does not discolor. Green soap also has the property that it degrades extremely well.

Scratches can be treated well with a touch-up pen, which is of course the same color as the wood. Then you can dry it with a hairdryer. This allows you to easily rub the heated wax layer deep into the scratch with a soft cloth. Scratches in mahogany and cherry wood can be covered up with iodine or with a waterproof felt-tipped pen. You can also rub the damaged area with a walnut. The walnut helps to hide the damage. Cleaning tips for furniture

With MDF furniture (pressed board with a medium density) it is advisable to use as little moisture as possible. Then dry well. White circles in wooden furniture are usually caused by water. You can remove them with a hairdryer, which will make the wax liquid again. The color will be restored by polishing the spot well.

Tips against dust

If you only want to remove dust on a smooth surface, you can always do this dry with a duster. For other pollution on hard and smooth surfaces, you can go a long way with water and good microfibre cloths.

A damp (not wet) microfibre cloth easily removes grease and dirt. Try folding the cloth so that there are 8 or 16 clean sides. Once all sides have been used, it is advisable to change the cloth without fabric softener in the washing machine. When rinsing with warm water, the microfibre releases almost no dirt (maximum 20%). In the washing machine, the cloth is completely clean and ready for use again. Cleaning tips for furniture

Do not use cleaning agents, as they cause a greasy haze on the cleaned surfaces. In addition, the processing time is always too short to be able to dissolve dirt at all. Always use a dry cloth after cleaning the glass to leave the surface streak-free.

Children and furniture

The first tip against dust is a mental tip: push your dirt barrier. Some parents find it difficult to combine working life with children. If this is also your case, you would do well to let go of the former ideas about cleaning. It saves a lot of stress.

It is common for children to be the cause of stains on furniture. One of these common stains is Wasco (a material consisting of colored markers with wax as a binder). Sharon from Mothers. nu provides a solution for this:

If the wax is still soft, you must first freeze it by rubbing it with an ice cube in a plastic bag. Once the wax is hard, you can scratch most of it out almost immediately. You can then treat the stain that remains with WD40. Then you can wash off the remaining stain with some hand soap. Try the WD40 in an inconspicuous place first.

General tips

What is often forgotten with furniture is the use of the right caps or felt under the furniture. Improper use causes scratches to the floor and wears on the underside of steel furniture, which in turn can result in rust and unnecessary wear on the furniture. Also, clean extreme high gloss with a dry cloth after damp cleaning. The “sharp” fibers of normal microfibre can cause light scratches in the “softer” high-gloss layers. Grease stains can be treated by applying lemon to the stains and then dabbing with a damp cloth.

Never make textiles too wet and try to wipe stains with a dab. When it doesn’t get too wet, you don’t have to worry about the filling that is underneath. If hot liquids get on the textile, there is a possibility that it will discolor.

Alcantara (plastic) can normally be cleaned with water and alkali-free soap. Moisten and pat dry with a towel.

Henk Hanssen has one very simple tip for family fathers: buy a bottle of glass and a multi-purpose cleaner. A glass and multi-purpose cleaner is an absolute must for the toilet, kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

Cleaning labels

Maintenance products can contain harmful substances. Prevent them from having to be used too often, for example by vacuuming furniture regularly or wiping with a damp cloth. When purchasing cleaning and maintenance products, look for quality marks such as the Ecolabel. For more information, see the Quality Mark Guide 

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