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Common pests threats found in southern Missouri and eastern Oklahoma?

Have you noticed that we have a lot of pests in our area? Did you go outside to put the trash in the trash and notice hundreds of ants crawling? Do you sometimes see a big ugly centipede on the wall or your foot while taking a shower? Have you ever opened something and found a sitting wolf spider? Bothersome pests in southern Missouri and eastern Oklahoma are abundant and often appear unexpectedly. But annoying pests are not all we need to combat. Many pests can make us seriously ill and/or damage our property and homes. Why are parasites always a concern? While you might get scared when you see a centipede when you turn on the bathroom light to brush your teeth, these centipedes are the least of your problems.


 could have been sitting on your toothbrush last night while you were sleeping, which could put you at risk for serious harmful microorganisms and parasites. While you might not like to see ants crawling all over the place, carpenter ants could dig tunnels in your home, which could cost you an arm and a leg. you can have subterranean termites in your house. What a Termite Looks Like Termites We are often asked, “How much damage can termites do? This is a difficult question as many factors are involved in determining the threats of subterranean termites. What we can tell you for sure is that an underground termite infestation has the potential to wipe out your savings entirely. In the United States, these termites cost landowners billions of dollars a year. And the worst part is, you can go years without realizing that you have these wood-destroying pests in your home.

Are they dangerous?

Yes,  cockroaches are very dangerous to have invading your home. They carry a large number of viruses, bacteria, and parasites on their bodies and in their feces which can cause diarrhea, dysentery, salmonella, and other serious health concerns. Also, their shed skins and feces often trigger asthma attacks in people;, especially in young children.

What does a bed bug look like?


Bed bugs are one of the most misunderstood pests we deal with. Not being a threat in the United States until the turn of the century, due to a pest control product called DDT, which was banned by the United States government. Many Americans don’t know what bed bugs look like unless we have had them, a condition that is increasing at an astonishing rate. I hope you take the time to learn how to identify these insects and the warning signs they leave before an infestation takes root in your home.



 are the number one pest we get calls for. But some ants aren’t just a nuisance. They can spread harmful bacteria, which can lead to disease. And some ants can damage your home. Of all the problems that a summer ant infestation can cause, property damage from carpenter ants is the worst – over time, weakening driftwood in your home can cause significant and sometimes irreparable damage. About Aspect Pest Control We are a leading pest control company serving throughout Northwest Arkansas. We provide pest control solutions for a wildlife control variety of insect and rodent problems,

visit us https// All of northwest Arkansas, southern Missouri, and eastern Oklahoma.

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