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Bajaj Allianz car insurance

Choosing the best car insurance from the available options is definitely a tiring job. When it comes to purchasing or making a car insurance renewal online, the insurance provider plays a vital role. You can buy your motor insurance from the best providers like Bajaj Allianz car insurance which is the best seller in the Indian market. They provide a variety of plans and package to suit their vast customer base. Head to their website and get your quote today!

However, to help you make an informed purchase, here is a comparison of the best car insurance policies online. 

  1. TATA AIG Car Insurance:

Tata AIG is a collaborative venture between the Tata Group and the American International Group (AIG). The Tata AIG car insurance plan offers conventional and non-conventional automobile risks. It also provides car insurance renewal online and ensures that the policyholders can put their minds at rest. In case of emergencies, the users will get immediate assistance. 

Features and Benefits:

  • Tata AIG insurance offers a car insurance renewal online and other products. 
  • Car insurance helps save up to 75% on premiums. 
  • The insurer has increased the claim compensation ratio to 98%.
  • It has more than thirteen add-on covers and an extensive network of 5400+ cashless garages to ensure quick and easy settlement. 

The company provides the following risk covers:

  • Damage due to fire, explosion, ignition, lightning, natural calamities, and riots.
  • Theft of vehicles
  1. Bajaj Allianz Car Insurance:

The Bajaj Allianz car insurance is trusted by millions when it comes to car insurance and a car insurance renewal online. The company enables its policyholders to renew their car insurance quickly. The Bajaj Allianz car insurance website gives a renewal reminder to make things easier.

You need to enter the contact name, details, and renewal date on the Bajaj Allianz car insurance website. 

Features and Benefits:

  • The Bajaj Allianz car insurance website provides comprehensive and third-party liability.
  • Personal accident cover of Rs. 2 lakh for the driver or owner
  • Towing facility and 24*7 roadside facility
  • Cashless claim settlement over 4000+ garages across the country
  • Zero-depreciation as an add-on cover
  • You can get a monitoring device and vehicle tracking under the Drive SMART service. 
  • Buy or renew Bajaj Allianz car insurance instantly.

The company provides the following risk covers:

  • Damage due to fire, explosion, lightning, natural calamities, riot, landslide, or rock slide.
  • Bajaj Allianz car insurance covers property damages or injury incurred to the third party.
  • It also provides personal accident and legal liability cover for paid drivers. 
  1. HDFC Ergo Car Insurance:

HDFC Ergo car insurance offers a complete range of general insurance products such as health, motor, travel, and accident cover. The car insurance company is trusted by millions, offering a car insurance renewal online. It is a combination of HDFC Limited and ERGO International AG. 

Features and Benefits:

  • HDFC Ergo offers car insurance for as low as Rs. 2,072
  • The company has a network of 7600+ cashless garages across the country.
  • It also delivers a third-party and comprehensive car insurance renewal online
  • It provides a private bundle car policy and standalone own damage cover. 
  • The HDFC Ergo car insurance commits quick claim settlement, overnight repair assistance, add-on covers, and other benefits. 
  • It has a claim settlement ratio of 91.23%

The company provides the following risk covers:

  • Damage due to fire, explosion, natural calamities, lightning, theft, terrorist attacks, etc.
  • Damage due to routine wear and tear and vehicle aging
  • Damage caused by a person driving without a valid license or under the influence of intoxicants
  1. The Oriental Car Insurance:

Oriental Insurance is one of the renowned companies in the insurance ecosystem. The company provides car insurance plans and car insurance renewals online

It delivers customer delight by offering customized plans per the user’s requirements. 

Features and Benefits:

  • The Oriental Insurance company has 1800+ cashless garages across the country.
  • It offers niche products for urban and rural populations
  • It has a 91.76% claim settlement ratio.

The company provides the following risk covers:

  • Damage due to natural calamities, landslides, earthquakes, etc.
  • Damage due to strikes, riots, thefts, burglary, and terrorist activities
  1. Acko Car Insurance

Another proficient and best-selling car insurance in the Indian market is the Acko car insurance. Next to third-party car insurance, Acko stands second as the most populous and reliable among the customers. All the insurance applications and car insurance renewals online can be done effortlessly within minutes. The customer service of Acko is excellent and on-spot. 

Features and Benefits:

  • The most affordable premiums without fees, commissions, and hidden charges are the highlight features of Acko car insurance. 
  • They also provide a stress-free claim process and an assured guarantee of three-day repair in their partnered garages. 
  • They have a wide chain of 6.8 crore customers span across 647 cities in India. 

The company provides the following risk covers:

  • Damage due to fire, explosion, natural calamities, man-made attacks, etc.
  • Damage due to accident was done by self or another vehicle. 


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