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Configure IP Address For Edimax BR-6208AC Router

With Windows 8

Internet connection has become a basic need of our life. Accessing the internet connection is so easy by installing the wireless router as compared to the mobile data connection. The router provides better speed and coverage than mobile data, therefore it is used in offices and homes. A lot of members may connect and surf the stable internet. Sometimes you have the router but it is not providing enough speed and coverage. Then you think of installing the extender to extend the coverage range. The Edimax BR-6208AC router is the one that can fulfill the need for speed and coverage at an affordable price range.

It is a five-in-one device as it can work as a router, access point, wireless bridge, WISP, and range extender. Its connectivity with 802.11ac. 802.11b, 802.11n, 802.11g, and 802.11a WiFi communication standards will make this device compatible. The AC750 model delivers a wireless internet speed of 750MBps. The three high-gain antennas spread the signal over a broad area. The LAN ports and WAN ports enable you to add more devices such as PCs, TVs, etc. The LED light helps you to know the status of the device.

Edimax BR-6208AC Router Manual

I recommended reading the user guide contained in the package box. It will convoy you to manage and control all the settings. It is a small book containing a table of contents. All the brief overview about this device is mention. It consists of package contents, hardware overview, LED status, safety info, installation as an access point, WISP mode, bridge mode, and router mode, Setup using the WPS button and web interface, Static IP setup, Dynamic IP setup, PPPoE setup, guest Network setup, parental control Setup, and all other setups, Appendix, glossary, safety info, and precautions are also mentioned on the ending point of Edimax BR-6208AC manual.

Configuring The IP Address For Edimax BR-6208AC Router With Windows 8

Modifying The System Dynamic IP Address

If you are a fresh user and configuring this device for the first time, then visit the official Edimax setup website and confirm that your system device is set to run the dynamic IP address. it’s set, then your system device obtains the IP address without doing your work. If you don’t know, then follow these steps to check whether your system device with Windows 8 operating system uses the dynamic IP address or not.

Firstly, click on the start option, then choose the file explorer option Right-click on the interface using the mouse and then select properties. Now change the adapter settings available on the left side. Move to the connection field and then get to the properties option. Now choose the internet protocol version and then the properties option available at the bottom. Now choose IP address and DNS Server automatically from the options. Hit the OK option. By following the above steps, you can check if the system IP address is set or not. Now we are gonna discuss the operation to know the IP address of the Edimax wireless router.

Checking The BR-6208AC IP Address

Press the start button from a keyboard or move the mouse cursor to click the start button and then click on the search option from the charms bar. Fill cmd and choose the command prompt option. Type IP configures when the black window will appear. Your BR-6208AC IP address will be seen. The above steps will help you to find the IP address of the Edimax BR-6208AC wireless router.

Review On Edimax BR-6208AC Router

I have been using this device for 5 months and in the beginning, I like too much. But as time goes, it works very badly. Connection, not secure shows always. Disconnects automatically after some time of connection. Speed is not up to mark. I visited edimax.setup for setup, but the interface is confusing. The setup operation is also not easy as the Edimax team claims. I contacted the customer care support team, but they didn’t pick up my call. Then after many days of contacting them, they picked up my call but they didn’t reply to my exact question. They are blaming me that you surely dropped this device and demanding high money to fix this solution. Buying this device is still a nightmare for me. I suggest all the buyers not purchase this terrible product.

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