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Conquer the exciting air race with drift boss

Challenge speed with Drift Boss - Conquer the thrilling race. Expert your vehicle, pass through the difficulties of the track, and abstain from tumbling off. Go your way! It is not difficult once you have mastered the steering wheel in this fascinating game. Let's experience it together!

Of the multitude of game kinds, racing games actually impact an enormous number of clients all throughout the planet. The thrilling experience will all rely upon the dashing vehicle you own, so you really want to overhaul your vehicle to prepare the most extreme speed for the new screen. In the same way as other dashing game types, Drift Boss provides players with a lot of sleek vehicles just as a significant number of the most exceptional extras today for gamers to browse. It isn’t hard for players in light of the fact that the game mode is recognizable to the individuals who have partaken in this game previously. The following are definite presentations about this intriguing Drift Boss game.

Brief about Drift Boss:

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Drift Boss is a massively multiplayer online video game available for iOS, Android, and web browsers. Is a free game developed by Nada Mohamed, belongs to the category of Video games. The game has more than 1000 downloads so far and it is certain that there will be many more downloads in the future.

Drift Boss is a new 3D racing game that offers both immersive and surreal graphics, with beautiful drifting stunts. True to its title, it’s a game boss with an endless mode. The game is powered by cognitive engines to help you drift! Moreover, gamers will experience thrilling, dramatic races to the point of suffocation. Certainly, Drift Boss will easily fascinate anyone who is passionate about the speed game genre.


Drift Boss, a game about drifting extremely attractive and dramatic. The goal of the game is to drive your car as far as possible and avoid falling off the track. Above all, you have to pay attention because here, the road you go is not simple, there are many winding curves you have to pay close attention to to control your car. Overcome all obstacles, collect coins to upgrade your beloved driver in any way. You can even change the color and design of the wheel! It’s easy to play, but challenging to master the vehicle! Get collections to unlock new cars that are waiting for you. There are many that you can choose from, such as a fire truck, a taxi, or even a police car. Overcome all the challenges by unlocking all 15 cars.

Attractive rewards:

– Daily rewards – come back every day for daily new rewards.

– Spin to win – These are irregular prizes that can show up anytime all through the game.

These are either sponsors or coins that can be utilized to purchase anything from promoters to better-taking care of cars. To work on your presentation, procure a gas pedal. This is one of the appealing rewards of the game. You’ll get twofold scores, coins and accident coverage, and substantially more.

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? Any! Let’s experience Drift Bost right now to have fun moments.

Features of Drift boss:

What do you get when you combine the thrill of racing, the beauty of 3D graphics, and immersive gameplay? Drift Boss: a super casual racing game with a few twists. Race like your favorite car through a series of beautiful tracks, find power-ups to boost your speed, complete quests along the way, and customize your car. Drift Boss is all about drifting around corners as you go from one race to the next.

– Colorful amazing 3D graphics

– Freedom to show you’re drifting the way you want.

– Simple control operation with touch operations on the screen.

– Unlock cool cars by collecting extra points. Open all keys of the type of the car hide of this game and work all them.

– Entertaining and addictive game

– Intuitive controls

– Can be played in full-screen mode

– Wonderful sound

– Challenging level design

– Leaderboard: For each track, rival your companions and different clients on the planet and ascend to the top.

– The controls are easy to learn with one tap with the addictive ability of this game.


The vehicle control in the Boss game is somewhat different from similar driving games.

On mobile: You want to move to the right, you’ll have to ‘touch’ the touchscreen, and to move the car to the left, you just have to lift your finger off the screen.

On PC: You want to move right, you will have to press the left mouse button or space, release the button to move left.

Review Drift Boss – Come on, let’s drift together

There are so many racing games out there these days that it takes something truly out of the ordinary to stand out and Drift Boss absolutely hits this spot. Although the game was not a huge success in every way, its unique control system is a huge strength.

The attraction and also the focus of the game is the drift mechanism. However, what is especially remarkable is how to drift is performed when this is not a typical racing game where the game is powered with perceptual engines to help you drift! Indeed, this is not a game where you just need to observe the direction, make accurate judgments, and react quickly to avoid deviating from the track, which means you will fall into the endless void. and ends. But then you want to conquer it again, it is certainly quite attractive to you to conquer even the simplest or most complicated bends. The game is fun – and it’s also very addictive – sometimes to get to the milestone you want – it can take thousands of plays. Don’t let the game make you addicted to it – play it relaxing every day.

More than that:

By moving left or right, you will slide the car in the direction you want, and mastering the gameplay you can change the angle and intensity of the slide to overcome the dangerous turns in the best way. you see fit. That is in theory, but in practice, to become proficient in this drift, it takes you up to several hours of practice.

In addition, you also need time to understand the car you are driving and this is also the goal that the game wants you to aim for because no game mode offers a situation where there are more than two cars on the track. Focus a lot on mastering the controls and learning how to perfect the drift each round, rather than any kind of Grand Prix-style scenario where you score at the finish line, like when you’re in a lot of racing games car.

The game has a number of different modes including a stealth mode in the single-player, but all of them are still geared towards how you master each race with your car so the car game can make inroads. Every time everywhere.

Very realistic graphics and great physics.


In the end, Style scores you based on your fluency and is really the only style that isn’t a variation of all the others. And these modes are presented in a number of different ways in the available game modes.

Drift Boss is a mouth-watering dish with an attractive taste. The game’s signature controls provide a complete overall experience for what you’d expect from a racing game. If you are the type of player who is willing to rush into races again and again to perfect your skills, this could be a game for you. However, fans of classic racing games will probably ignore this option.

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