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It is impossible to adopt a content marketing Belfast strategy without going through the content creation stage. So how? You can use different content production techniques, some align with inbound marketing techniques. Here are 4 steps you need to know to adopt a content marketing strategy.

1 – Identify your audience using buyer personas

Before you start writing your first blog post, we advise you to ask yourself: “Who do I want to write for? Who is my target audience? “. For example, there are B2B / B2C differences in content marketing, especially on messages. To best identify your target audience, you need to create your buyer personas, which are fictional representations of your ideal customers. To create your buyer personas, analyze your audience or existing customers.

Knowing your audience will allow you to content market Belfast that interests them and thus attract qualified prospects to your website or business blog. Don’t forget to add a personal touch to your content to stand out from the competition.LinkedIn booster

2 – Create different types of content based on the buying process

In content marketing, Belfast blog posts are the most popular types of content, but there are many other types of content to increase your business’s online visibility. Be creative in the different types of content to produce, vary the formats and create for example images, videos, podcasts, Slideshare presentations, infographics, case studies, press releases, etc.

Identify the type of content and the message to send to your prospects according to the phase of the buying process in which they are. There are three different phases in the buying process: the awareness, consideration, and decision phases.

3 – Create attractive content and adopt a publication schedule

To attract visitors to your website, it is important to create attractive content. For this, your content must provide a solution to the questions of your buyer personas.

A brainstorming session with your colleagues will be enough to come up with engaging content topics. Also, find out what content already exists on the web by doing a preliminary search. Then use tools like Google Ads, Google Alerts, or Buzzsumo to angle your content to maximize searches. Don’t forget to optimize your content for SEO and make that content visually appealing by adding images and colors.

To ensure regular content is published on your blog, set up a posting schedule. Indeed, the frequency of publication is vital in a content marketing strategy. Try to publish at least one or two blog posts per week, varying the themes and formats of your content. This publication schedule will allow you to ensure that you regularly and consistently publish the content necessary for your content marketing strategy.

4 – Curation of content in content marketing Belfast

Content curation is a practice that consists of monitoring a given theme. Select the best content, in order to offer it to a target audience. Content curation can be likened to content aggregation, but enhances existing content.

Content curation can be interesting for the reader when the curator selects quality content and aggregates it with comments or observations. For the marketer, content curation avoids the content creation stage which can take time, but it is however very important to pay attention to duplicate content which can be harmful to the SEO of a website.

Integrating SEO into your content strategy

To increase your online visibility and increase traffic to your website or blog, it is necessary to optimize your content for SEO (that is, for search engines). SEO can have a real impact on the performance of your content marketing strategy, so do you really have to treat content creation and SEO individually? The answer is no: SEO and content marketing are complementary.

1 – SEO, SEO techniques, and increasing traffic

In content marketing, you want the articles you produce to be discoverable on search engine results pages. For this, it is necessary that your content is well referenced for a particular keyword. This is where SEO comes in. Target a long tail keyword, then add the “alt” attribute to your images, embed your keyword in specific elements of your content such as page title, post title (H1), the other title tags H2 to H6, or the URL.

Before you start creating your content, don’t forget to do research to identify the competition for your keyword in the search engines. These SEO optimizations will allow you to increase the SEO of your blog posts, increase traffic to your website, convert more leads and generate more customers.

2 – Link acquisition strategy

The acquisition of links is one of the three most important SEO criteria according to Google. For businesses looking to improve their SEO through a link acquisition strategy, content marketing can be a great way to acquire links the natural way. Indeed, by producing quality content, external people or influencers are much more likely to add external links to your domain.

Using social media in content marketing

97% of B2-B or B2C marketers agree that social media generates business opportunities. Social networks are the showcase of your content, they allow you not only to distribute it to a large audience but also to increase your notoriety and your reputation online. content marketing Belfast

1 – Social networks as a source of traffic

By sharing your content multiple times and on multiple different social networks, you will be able to get the most out of your content creation. To maximize your traffic, make sure to make the content you post on social media engaging: find a catchy title, share images, infographics, quotes, or videos.

Social media is overwhelmingly viewed in mobile formats, so remember to make sure your website and blog use responsive design.

2 – Social networks to improve your online reputation

Social networks will allow you to analyze and understand the content that appeals to your readers: listen to and follow the reactions and engagement of your audience, they will be useful for adapting your editorial calendar. Using social media in content marketing will also allow you to tell your company’s story and build a brand image.

To quickly increase your reach on social media, you can also set up partnerships with influencers.

How do measure the ROI of content marketing?

To analyze the return on investment of your content marketing efforts, you need to define performance indicators (or KPIs) for your business, such as the number of visits, the sources of your traffic, the commitment on your social networks, or ranking for a specific keyword in search engine results pages.

The number of visitors

It is important to analyze the number of people who have visited the company’s site by comparing it to the same KPI of previous years or months. This analysis will allow you to see the evolution of site traffic.

Page views

The analysis of page views gives a clear idea of ​​what works and what does not work on the site. Thus, the most visited pages show the strengths of the company.

Traffic sources

Analyzing traffic sources helps identify where visitors are coming from. On which site, blog, or search engine did they find the link to access your company’s site? There are many sources and you need to know which ones generate the most traffic to your web pages. They may indeed have sought the name of the company or a product on a search engine, have found the company via a social network, or even have clicked on another site on which the company is referenced. Thus, the company can see what is its main source of traffic and what other sources need to be improved.

The conversion rate

The conversion rate is obtained by dividing the total sales by the total number of visits to the site.

The rejection rate

The rejection rate assesses the percentage of visitors who have accessed a single page of the company’s website and then left the site without continuing to browse. However, this KPI should be interpreted with caution depending on the type of information communicated and the purpose of the web page. The Internet user may indeed have found the answer to his question on a blog page and not need to go further in his search.

The engagement index

The Engagement Index is the total number of visitors who interacted with the page divided by the total number of visitors to the website.

The Social Influence Index

The social influence index is widely used, especially on Facebook and Twitter. It corresponds to the total of the publications or results consulted divided by the total of the publications.

The effects of content marketing are measurable in the long term. Unlike traditional advertising, its effects do not disappear with the investment. Your content will remain hosted on your website or blog. It will continue to rank and generate traffic. Content marketing can therefore have a huge impact on your company’s SEO strategy. Moreover, a content marketing strategy can also help you save some of your advertising budgets through the production and distribution of quality content.

By combining your content with inbound marketing techniques, allowing you to follow the evolution of your prospects through your sales funnel, you will be able to generate leads and engage them by email thanks to marketing automation in order to direct them downward. of the sales funnel to close more customers.

 To go further, download this free guide and learn how to create and manage a content marketing strategy in your business.

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