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Cooling Clothes and Other Hiking Hacks for Staying

Cool on the Trail

Hiking means getting back to nature, good exercise, and relaxing fun. However, sometimes the heat of the day can make any hike a challenge. Overheating on the trail can ruin an otherwise delightful experience and could even present some danger, especially if you’re hiking in a remote location. That’s why wearing cooling clothes and using a few other strategies to stay cool on the trail should be your top priority for every hike.

Acclimate and Prepare

If you are going to be hiking somewhere that’s hot, cold, or high-altitude, you’ll want to acclimatize yourself to the conditions first. For instance, if you’ve gone on vacation somewhere tropical, take a few days to adjust to the weather in your new location before heading out on your first jungle hike. Our bodies can adapt to new conditions relatively quickly, so simply give yourself a chance to feel comfortable in the new climate.

Wear Cooling Clothes

The clothes you wear are important when hiking, and if your goal is staying cool, look for clothing strategically designed to keep you cool. Some of the best cooling clothes are moisture wicking, comfortably stretchy, and facilitate airflow. Your best bet is to pick up a cooling t shirt and a few accessories like breathable socks and a hat before hitting the trail. If you haven’t experienced cooling clothing before, prepare to be impressed by the results.

Use Sunscreen and Hydrate

Hydration is vital for keeping cool. Freezing water bottles the night before provides a supply of icy water for the trek. You might even pick up a wearable hydration pack so you can stay hydrated on the go. Plus, using plenty of sunscreen can make the hot sun feel less powerful on your skin. Many hikers make the mistake of neglecting sunscreen for a high-altitude hike because it may be cooler. Even in those cooler temperatures, however, sunscreen is essential for keeping your skin protected.

Use the Buddy System

Using the buddy system for hiking means not hiking alone. Hiking with a friend can make all the difference if one of you gets in trouble and allows you to share resources. Plus, hiking with a buddy is a great way to have a great conversation, keep each other accountable by taking breaks, and encouraging each other all the way to your final destination.

Cover Up and Seek Out Shade

In addition to a cooling t shirt, you might consider looking into long sleeve cooling gear as well. Keeping direct sunlight off your skin is a useful cooling strategy. Great options for staying cool are a wide-brimmed cooling hat and a good pair of sunglasses. Don’t forget to make the most of natural shade on any hike as well. Resting for a moment under a shady tree can help you cool down and take in your surroundings.

Take Breaks When You Need Them

Above all, hiking should always be fun. For some hikers, that means pushing themselves to conquer new goals and climb higher. For others, it might mean taking the trail slower to avoid overexerting themselves and enjoy the beautiful views. Either way, it’s important to take breaks whenever you need them. This is especially true for hikes in hot weather. When you approach hiking with the right strategies and some cooling clothes, there’s nothing stopping you from reaching your next peak. See you on the trail!

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