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Covid After Trends of Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have been making our everyday lives easier for quite some time. And, ever since the Covid-19 pandemic hammered us, some apps have been benevolent. And, with that, the whole digital world is moving its focus to mobile app development nowadays.

A recent study report shows that 87% of people prefer getting their work done through mobile apps after the pandemic. And, the users are preferring an application that has a smooth interface, comes with useful features, and helps them get their work done remotely.

Accordingly, this sudden demand for mobile apps is creating an uproar. And, it is pursuing the companies to heed to mobile app development.

Now, in this new normal world, the Covid-19 pandemic has created a demand for feature-rich mobile apps. And, This has resulted in increasing demand for mobile app development in the post-Covid-19

In this blog, we will point out a few trends of mobile app development that have the optimum relevancy in the Covid stolen world. So, just read along before you invest in an application.

Why you Should Focus on New Trends of Mobile App Development

There is nothing static about the market. As the demand of consumers is changing constantly, companies need to stay on par with that. In this dynamic marketplace, the only thing that assures relevancy is change.

You need to mold yourself constantly to be able to cater to the ever-changing needs of the consumers. And, ever since the covid-19 pandemic happened, the thing that is on-demand is the remote facility.

Every consumer wants to buy things and get there every single work done from the comfort of their home.

And, what is better than mobile apps in providing remote services. A mobile application can bring the whole world to your phone. And, this is enough to answer why the demand for mobile apps is more than ever. Therefore, if you want to beat your competitors and gain the attention of consumers, then you need to offer an app that will make life easy.

So, as you invest in mobile app development, some trends can help you down the line. Let’s get into those.

1. Internet of Things (IoT)

Our everyday lives are surrounded by the internet. You come home after a tiring day and just scan your finger to open the door lock. Then, you ask a question to Google and get an answer without even searching. At times, you tell Alexa to turn on the music or adjust the temperature of the AC and it gets done without you moving a finger.

These are all blessings of the Internet of Things. As we are moving forward, soon there will be smart homes and cities, with self-driving cars, and even IoT devices for healthcare.


IoT is the trend that will last. Especially after Covid-19, incorporating IoT in mobile app development is what’s expected from the brands.

2. 5G Mobile Internet Network

A few years ago, no one thought there could be a faster mobile internet network than 3G. And then, 4G came along. Soon after that, we got 5G. All the companies are modifying their devices to incorporate 5G.

Therefore, if you are going for mobile app development, you need to level up your game and embrace the 5G mobile internet network. The high speed of 5G is bringing revolution. And, you should be a part of it.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are already making an impact in our everyday life. And, a large number of mobile app developers are using artificial intelligence to provide a better user experience.

Whether it comes to safety, cloud computing, data storage, or better service, artificial intelligence is the solution. You can use an eyeball scanner or face unlock with chatbots and so on. There has been a huge rise in in-app users. And, not all are accustomed to advanced technology.

Providing them with the support they need with artificial intelligence will help you gain a large user base.

You can further go for scalable data processing, static image recognition, algorithmic trading strategy, object identification, and such for mobile app development.

4. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

Using AR & VR to provide a mixed reality revolution can leave your users in awe. Additionally, motion tracking, people occlusion, and so on can bring revolution in apps related to healthcare, tourism, e-commerce, and even education.

After Covid-19 when most people are using online learning platforms, imagine how revolutionary virtual training simulation can be. Apart from that, entertainment apps with exploration activities or live music festivals are in demand for mobile app development as well.

5. Mobile App Development for Foldables

Samsung brought revolution with their foldable smartphones. A touch screen with LED that you can fold. This was quite unexpected. And, not many mobile apps are prepared to cater to these foldable smartphones.

In this regard, all the big names in mobile app development already started working on it. And, with a rise in the competition after Covid-19, you need to buckle up as well. So, take into account the popularity of foldable as you go for mobile app development.

6. Mobile Wallets

Contact-less shopping is the new normal. After Covid-19, people are preferring to buy things without visiting the store or without coming in contact with anyone. And, the easiest way of shopping online is by paying through mobile wallets.

Many people do not feel comfortable sharing their card information online. And, many people, especially teenagers and the elderly, do not have their own cards. The best way for them to purchase online is through mobile wallets.

So, you should add a mobile wallet to the payment option.

Other Important Trends of Mobile App Development

The above 6 trends carry a deep impact in the Covid-19 stricken world. However, these are not all. Some other trends are also creeping their way into our lives. And, each of these is important too.

Depending on the genre of mobile app development you are going for, you can utilize these trends to your benefit. Let’s take a look –

Enterprise mobile apps – These help the employees to socialize with their co-workers and carry out the different tasks for the smooth operation of an organization. With more companies going for remote hiring and work-from-home, enterprise apps are mending the communication gaps in the workplace.


Beacon technology – As people can’t visit hundreds of shops to find the perfect thing anymore, the demand for beacon technology is increasing. When you can simply scan a product and know where to buy, how much it costs, and everything else, why should you search for something store to store.

Another technology you can go for is Blockchain. It has always been popular due to the added security benefits.

Also, you can go for wearable integrations. With health being the priority of people, people embrace wearables like anything. The purchase of fitness bands increased to 100% in the past year.

Finally, you can integrate biometric authentication to enable more control of the users.

Wrapping Up…

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our way of life. And, that gave rise to a demand for certain technology. Mobile app developments are no exception to that either. If you want to be successful in a mobile app development company, embracing the trends is the best way for doing so. Hopefully, this article will help you prioritize which trends to choose.

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