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Creative Editing Techniques To Make Videos Of Your Renovated Home

Do you have a home renovation project in the works, or are planning to start one soon? One way to get the word out is to create a video of your progress and share it with family and friends. Videos are an excellent way to stay in touch with loved ones who aren’t near, as well as garner interest from possible clients.

We’ve put together some creative editing techniques that will transform your video into stunning footage. Follow these steps carefully and you’ll be making videos like never before!

1. Name your Video

This is the most important part of any video, but so many people forget to do this. Name your video something relevant to the subject of your video. If you’re working on a kitchen renovation project, make sure you call it something like “Kitchen Renovation Progress.” The name is important because search engines will index it, and viewers will be able to find your videos more easily.

2. Use a good camera

This lesson is self-explanatory, but we’ll say it again: get the best camera you can afford and take good care of it. It’s better to have a few extra dollars in your pocket and invest in a good camera than to have to cut corners because you didn’t want to get an extra hundred dollars for a camera that does the job well.

3. Decide on a format

Some people prefer making videos that show what the viewer is seeing from their perspective, while others prefer drone footage. Both types of video are valid and are used frequently, but you need to choose one that works best for you and the subject of your video. If you want to show the actual renovation process, get down low or use a tripod and make sure you’re not too far away from the action. If you want to show off the way your home looks while maintaining a sense of distance, use drone footage to make your video more interesting.

4. Start the Video with the best parts

What do you want people to know the first thing when they see your video? How about the fact that you installed a gorgeous chandelier in your home? If you can capture this on camera, so much the better, but if not, try using a special effect such as slow-motion or a filter to emphasize this information.

5. Add captions and titles

A lot of people don’t like using titles or captions with their videos, but those little bits of information can make the difference between a good and bad video. You can easily add these title cards using a video editor that is available for free on the internet.

6. Add transitions

Transitions are fantastic for creating your video’s style. Use transitions to emphasize certain points of your video and transition quickly from one shot to the other, or use them to take the viewer through a special effect such as a slow-motion scene.

7. Add Special Effects and Filters

This just goes along with the point above, you might want to add special effects to give your video that extra edge. You can add special effects to emphasize different parts of your video and make them stand out.

8. Add Music and Sound effects

Always feel free to add in some nice instrumental music to enhance the mood and give it a professional edge. Many people don’t think of sound effects when they’re creating a video, but it’s a good idea to add in some ambient sounds that will add to the atmosphere of your video. You can use these sounds within the footage or have them play at specific parts of the video so that they feel like an element that belongs.

Consider including different music for each scene. You can find a lot of royalty-free music on the internet that is specifically made for websites like YouTube, so don’t be afraid to experiment!

9. Maintain a flow for the video

Another trick to making your video as effective as possible is to see it all as one continuous video and to think of each scene as a moment in time. Using a video editor to make changes is an excellent way to improve your video’s flow. If you’re going from one scene to the next, make sure each one serves a purpose in the overall flow of the video. Pay attention to what is happening before and after each scene so that it remains consistent.

10. Trim the video well

Great videos look professional and are meant to be watched. A lot of people will want to view your video over and over again, but if you’re constantly cutting away from the action to make small changes, you’re doing it wrong! Go straight to the meat of what matters and keep viewers focused on what you want them to see. Trimming videos is probably the most important step after naming your video. You can’t put a good video out there if it’s too long and boring, so keep your video short and sweet. You don’t have to chop any footage out to make it shorter, but trimming may help your viewers feel like they’re watching a worthy video rather than an hour-long clip of people doing nothing!

11. Colour correct the video

This is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that your video looks professional. If you’re going to go through all the trouble of making a top-notch video, you want it to look like one. You can color correct it with a filter or even an editor, but whichever way you choose, make sure everyone will be able to appreciate how well made it is.

There is no doubt that if you make great videos, these will bring you lots of views and attention. You can create great videos on just about anything – renovation, parties, cooking, and even holiday events. All of these topics are things that people want to see more of on the internet. The routine, patience, and perseverance of the video creator are highly required to create a quality promotion video. The end product will only be something that can be appreciated in the real world once it goes viral. The creation and uploading of videos, therefore, requires careful attention to detail.

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