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Curtain Heading Tape and Its Types

The typical heading for curtains and valances is pencil pleat, sometimes referred to as tape top or 3″ tape curtains. To fit all types of track and pole, pencil pleat curtain headings often have three rows of string threaded through them for three hook places. Different types of curtain heading tapes in London are available for your home settings with curtains.

Plaster Pleat

A pencil pleat heading is, as its name implies, best characterized as a tidy row of pencils. Your curtains will have a clean finish with this heading at an affordable price. You must gather the pencil pleat tape to the desired width. A versatile tape with three hook places that may be used with a track or pole to give the user some freedom when hanging them. In modern or vintage homes, pencil pleat drapes appear stylish.

Two or Three Pinch Pleats

Your curtains will have a fashionable, permanent pleat with a double or triple pinch pleat heading. Given that curtains are built to fit precisely, it is crucial to carefully measure your track or pole. Your curtains will have hand-sewed pinch pleats with buckram used to help shape the pleats if you use a custom-made to-measure service. Triple pinch pleat curtain tape is available for purchase if you’re making the curtains yourself. Pinch pleats look best when hung beneath a pole, though they can also be used with a track or pole. This heading has a nice fitted finish that fits in well with both classic and modern decor.

Cottage Pleats or Gathered 1″ Tape

This heading will make you appear relaxed and gathered. For usage in a cottage kitchen or bedroom, it works well on lightweight curtains with a short drop. The width of your window can be adjusted by gathering a cottage pleat heading, which can be utilized with tracks or poles.


Eyelets are best suited for a modern home since they offer your curtains a contemporary look. Metal rings called eyelets are inserted through your pole and come in a variety of finishes to match your decors, such as silver, chrome, or brass. Your curtains will fall in smooth, even pleats once they are hung.

Buckram is used to stiffen eyelets that are produced by professionals. If you plan to make the curtains yourself, you can get a kit that includes metal or plastic rings and a specific heading tape.

Eyelets can only be used with a curtain pole. They cannot be used with valences or frills, nor are they appropriate for bay windows.

Tab Top

Another modern curtain heading tape in London is a tab top heading. The tabs are threaded through by the pole, creating supple folds. Since the light will shine through the space between the tab tops and the main curtain, they are not appropriate for situations where you need to block out the light.

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Wave heads are perfect for modern home and require a specialized pole or track. This fashionable heading has a gentle rippling appearance. Looks stunning when used in a space with a glass wall or a huge window. Extremely effectively stacks back, maximizing the light. Large windows can be accommodated because rails and poles up to 12 meters wide are provided.

Elegant and upscale curtain fabric available in the UK

Whether you wish to furnish the existing house or are building a new one. In any event, there’s no cause for concern. relating to how your home is furnished. Both on your own and with the assistance of experts, you may do this. A house curtain is crucial while decorating your home. The significant and essential item to concentrate on while furnishing your home is curtains. It ought to fit with the style of your home. When selecting the cloth, consideration must be given to the colour, fabric, and pattern. Both locally and online, fabric for curtains is readily accessible.

Do you want to find a fabric store online?

If so, there is no cause for concern. If you’re seeking for a place that sells the greatest fabric for curtains and upholstery, this is it. The UK curtain textiles are available here online. People occasionally find it pretty challenging to choose the cloth online. They are unable to distinguish between the colour of fabric and junk. Many online retailers help you by concentrating on this issue and giving you access to a fabric sample at your convenience. Before choosing the exact fabric for curtains in Croydon, one may request a sample. You’ll be able to save money and relieve stress at the same time.

The cloth comes in a variety of hues and patterns.

Some individuals wonder if they can purchase the fabric and colour of their choosing. No need to be concerned! Every kind of cloth is available in the UK. They have fabric of many varieties, styles, and colours because there are so many online and offline shops that can provide you the best fabric based on your preferences. You may select the cloth based on the decor of your house. The cloth can also be chosen based on the season. Some textiles work better in the summer than others do in the cold. You may pick a fabric that keeps your space cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

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