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Custom Canvas For Your Wedding Displays To Decorate Your Home

The only thing that comes close to a printed photograph’s experience is a canvas print. Now you can adorn your home and workspace with custom wedding canvas prints. Canvas prints are fast becoming a décor revolution, and what better way to let your better half know how important your wedding is to you than a massive canvas print wedding display? But don’t just take our word for it. Read on for 9 inarguable reasons why you should choose custom canvas prints for your wedding displays. So without further ado, let’s get to it-

Top 9 Reasons to Choose Canvas prints for Your Home Décor

  • No Glare

We all know how appealing framed photographs can be. But along with their appeal comes a mixed bag of inconveniences. Framed photographs are clunky and heavy. They are difficult to mount, and their glass covers are quite fragile. We will touch upon these issues later, but since we are on the topic of glass, let’s talk about glare. If you have a bright light source in your space, your framed photograph will throw up glare and reflections, making it visible only at point-blank range. Wedding Canvas prints circumvent this issue completely.

Print your wedding photos directly onto high-quality canvas, and rest assured that your display will have no glare and no reflections. Canvas prints can be acquired in various finishes, making them the perfect medium to display your wedding memories and allowing you to choose the perfect one for your space.

  • Versatility

Framed Photographs age terrible. Even when kept under ideal conditions, framed photographs are susceptible to moisture, damage, ad even fading. Choosing canvas prints for your wedding display makes a lot more sense given that canvas prints are moisture, fade, and damage resistant. Moreover, they are much more versatile in tactile and aesthetic terms. Well known for their minimalistic finish, a canvas print fits perfectly into all home décor styles, unlike a clunky framed photograph that needs to be matched with the ambiance of your space.

  • Budget-Friendly

Big is always better. If you are putting up a wedding display, it should be big enough to capture the magnificence of your wedding. Imagine how cumbersome a framed photograph larger than a square foot would be. Now that you are struggling under the weight of that megalith, factor in the cost. Wedding canvas prints are the smarter option, given their damage resistance, lightness, and easy accountability. Regarding costs, you can have an entire canvas wall for the same cost as a framed photograph roughly a foot long.

  • Size Options

As we have mentioned earlier, canvas prints come in various finishes and sizes. This allows you room to let your creative juices flow. You can have one large canvas print or several smaller wedding canvas prints as your wedding display. Whether you choose to mount your canvas prints on a wall or have them resting on your mantle piece, rest assured that your wedding display will be gorgeous with canvas prints!

  • Almost Any Photo Looks Good Printed on Canvas

This article speaks about wedding displays, but almost every photograph looks awesome as a canvas print. Memories before your wedding or other ceremonies also look great as canvas prints. You can have several photos that lead up to your wedding printed on canvas and make them a part of your wedding display.

  • Life span

Durability is another important concern. Photographs fade over time; as mentioned earlier, they are also susceptible to damage. Canvas prints are created with the Giclée technique and only the best latex inks to keep every color vivid. You can rest assured that your wedding display will stand the test of time with canvas prints. 

  • Toughness 

Canvas prints are incredibly tough. Even if they fall from a height or someone spills water over them, your canvas print will remain unblemished. Light and easy to re-arrange, a wedding canvas print is crafted on 405 GSM silk poly/cotton canvas making it the perfect home décor option. So if you have kids at home or grown-ups who act like kids and fear that a typhoon can stir up at home any minute, a canvas wedding display is the perfect option. 

  • Wonderful Texture

Framed photographs just don’t cut it when it comes to texture and finishes. A custom canvas print has a rich texture that looks as amazing as it feels. Moreover, while you would invariably leave greasy fingerprints on a framed photograph, you can always clean up your canvas print with a damp wipe. Moreover, the canvas is naturally resistant to dust and fingerprints, so even if you aren’t someone who dusts every day, your wedding canvas display will look spruced up and shiny for years to come.

  • Eco-Friendly

Acrylic printing is very damaging to the environment, given the amount of non-biodegradable materials it uses. A canvas print is made on perfectly biodegradable fabric; even the ink used to print on canvas is naturally based. If you want an environmentally friendly wedding display ( more power to you), then canvas prints are the perfect option. With the minimal carbon footprint of a canvas print, you can now have your wedding cake and eat it too. 

In Summation 

So there you go. The top 9 reasons a canvas print is the best option for creating a wedding display. Beating a framed photograph in terms of décor value, finish and even durability, a wedding canvas display is the perfect piece of wall art for your home and workspace. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your canvas wedding display today! Happy Creating!! 

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