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Custom Neon Signs or LED Neon Signs: Which Is Better?

Today we’ll examine customized neon signs and LED signs

Our company has been operating in the custom-designed signage (Custom Neon Signs UK ) industry for more than 10 years. We are experts in the design of signs, manufacturing maintenance, and installation of all kinds of signage. We’d like to share our knowledge with you.

We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of customized neon signs as well as LED neon signs, and assist you in deciding which one is the most appropriate choice for your company. Let’s start.

What Are Custom Neon Signs?



Signs made of neon are a sturdy and reliable version of a light bulb, which is similar to fluorescent lights. They are constructed of gas discharge tubes that have been heated, then bent into various letters and shapes. If you want to know more about Neon Signs visit Custom Neon Signs UK

Custom-designed neon signs reached their peak in popularity during the 1920s and 1960s, but they ended in the late 1990s, due to the advancement of LED technology. Although the term “neon” describes this kind of light source, neon gas is used to create around one-third of the colors, including orange, red, and even extreme shades of pink.

Argon gas

When mixed with mercury drops is used to create blue and yellow as well as green violet, white along with certain soft pink hues. When the electric current strikes the tube’s electrodes the tube, the atoms of it begin to light up.

What Are LED Neon Signs?

LED is the light-emitting diode. The LED Neon signs are constructed from these tiny, single Light Emitting Diodes which are put together in the thick backing of plastic. It can be bent to the shape you prefer and cut to the length you require.


It is believed that the Gases in Your Neon Sign Last a long time Neon signs are built to last for a long period. The gas you use to make the sign can be capable of producing illumination for as long as 50 years.

More efficient in energy than fluorescent Bulbs Neon signs consume lesser energy than fluorescent signs, but they consume more energy than LED. Over one year, if you leave your sign (Custom Neon Signs UK ) on all day long the average neon sign would consume about 1,752 kWh during the year, whereas fluorescent signs will consume approximately 2,672 kWh.

Costs less to run than a Fluorescent your electricity bill is around 13 cents per unit, so it means that you’ll pay $228 for a neon sign, and $347 for one that is fluorescent.


Electrical parts don’t last for as long as the gas Although the gas that is in your neon sign can last for fifty years, electrical components of your sign, such as the transformer are likely to last just up to fifteen years. The higher quality transformer you own the longer it’ll last.

Not suitable for exposure to the elements Custom neon signs are only suitable for outdoor use in a location that is completely protected from the elements of rain, snow, and ice under the roof of a porch or huge roof overhang. They are more for indoor usage.

Prices are higher than more than LED Neon signs: It’s not easy to determine the exact cost for your personalized neon sign because it’s contingent on the complexity and size of the design. In general, however, a neon sign can indeed be more expensive than a led neon sign. Costs more to run than LED Signs Neon signs are more costly to operate over LED signage. A typical LED sign will only cost you about $80 per year, whereas the average neon sign would cost you around $228 per year.


More energy-efficient LED lights to consume less energy than conventional incandescent lights up to 75 percent less energy. They also consume less energy than neon signs. Lasts longer than the incandescent light LEDs also help reduce the cost of replacement as they last more than 25 years longer than standard incandescent lighting.

The old signage you have can be Retrofitted With LEDs: The majority of traditional lighting systems for signage can be replaced by energy-efficient LED lighting. This is known as retrofitting. Retrofitting is possible on virtually any kind of illumination sign.

If however, your previous sign is not performing at its best then it might be cheaper for you to change it out with one that’s contemporary, professional, and better represents your brand rather than investing in retrofitting the sign.


Not as bright Neon signs offer more lumens per watt than LED signs, which means LED signs aren’t as bright as neon signs. Don’t cut through fog LED neon lights do not cut through the fog like the traditional neon light. Visit Neon Vibes UK foe further info.


If you are deciding on a custom neon sign or custom LED neon signs the first step is to decide on (Custom Neon Signs UK ) the reason for your sign. If you own a company with a retro look and you’d like to get authentic signs and you’re not concerned about the price, then opting for custom neon signs could be a great alternative. But, if you’re looking to put up your sign out in the open, and you desire the look of neon, but with a low cost, An LED neon sign makes more sense.

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