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Customize your Old Web Store with the New Features of CS-Cart

If you are looking for easy, customizable, SEO-integrated shopping cart software with good features at a reasonable rate, then you should definitely go for CS-Cart.

CS-Cart is built with open-source technologies like PHP, MySQL, and Smarty. Its functionality can be easily updated and extended to meet your unique requirements.

A multi-vendor version of CS-Cart is also available. Multi-vendor is an enhanced e-commerce platform that allows multiple independent sellers to participate in an online marketplace.

Advantages of CS-Cart

  • CS-Cart – A Highly Advance E-commerce Platform
    CS-Cart is one of the best shopping cart solutions for creating a high-end eCommerce website of any size, from a small web store to a large shopping mall.
  • A Complete Shopping Cart Solution
    CS-Cart is a full collection of shopping cart solutions because it allows users to manage things in their own way.
    It is a more effective and easy-to-use solution for all e-commerce sellers when compared to other shopping cart solutions.
  • High Functionalities
    The best thing about this platform is that it supports multiple languages and currencies, allowing users to choose from a variety of shipping options.
    Furthermore, it also includes a built-in content manager that allows e-commerce owners to publish various types of web content.
  • A Variety of Features
    CS-Cart has a variety of features that are ideal for all e-commerce platforms. These features are not present in other shopping carts, so using CS-Cart is the best option.

Build your Own Store with CS-Cart

If you don’t already have a website, now is the time to get one up and running. The Internet allows you to sell virtually any type of product or service. And more importantly, with significantly lower initial investments than a traditional retail store would require. Would you like to learn how to create your own online store quickly and easily? For this CS-Cart is delighted to welcome you!

How can you build your old web store into a CS-Cart website with new features?

Whether you are a professional IT expert or a new online business owner with basic computer and web knowledge. You will undoubtedly benefit from using CS-Cart e-commerce software solutions!

CS-Cart extensions have been working in the eCommerce field for many years, with the main goal of making the entire web store creation process as simple, convenient, and affordable as possible for anyone, regardless of their technical background or budget constraints.

You are welcome to browse your own website, where you will find a wide range of sophisticated, full-featured web store platforms designed to match ideally any eCommerce project of any size, with any specific needs and requirements – from small, one-department web stores to large virtual shopping malls with multiple independent vendors managing their sales through a common storefront.

Below are the new features from which you can build your CS-Cart website:

New Features in CS-Cart to Build your Own Store

  • Different Categories for Different Storefronts
    Storefronts in multi-vendor allow you to scale and tailor the marketplace to different audiences. You can complete it with its own style, for example, design a storefront for a specific country, language, payment and shipping methods, and vendors.
    However, the categories remained consistent across all storefronts.
  • Express Accounts on Stripe Connect
    Stripe Connect is a payment method that distributes money from orders between the marketplace and the vendors automatically. Vendors must have a Stripe account or create one in order for this to work.
  • Google PageSpeed Score for Mobile Devices has Increased
    Page speed is critical for online stores because an extra second of waiting can cause a customer to abandon the website. Although Google PageSpeed is not always indicative of performance, it may influence how pages are treated by the Google search engine.
  • Quickly Create a Landing Page
    One of the things to do when presenting a marketplace is to create pages with useful lines.
    Creating a page and editing tools are available in CS-Cart multi-vendor. Integration with Tilda simplifies and accelerates content management.

CS-Cart Functionality used to Build your Web Store

You can easily and quickly build a full-featured online store, with no professional web design or development assistance required.

If you already have a website, CS-Cart can help you turn it into a fully functional online marketplace by adding any necessary e-commerce components.

CSS-based layouts, AJAX technology, and a visual block manager. It also supports many popular payment gateways, different types of shipping options, multi-language, smart marketing, and promotional tools. These and many other useful e-commerce features are provided to create a successful e-commerce web store.

You can use the CS-Cart customization services to your store platform without time limits because you only pay once for the license. Furthermore, for the entire year, you will have free access to all new software updates and upgrades.

When you build your web store with CS-Cart advanced e-commerce platforms, you can rest assured that starting your own profitable online venture is only a few simple steps away.


With CS-Cart you can easily start your online business and can build your own web store with many new features.

CS-Cart has advanced technology like CSS-based layouts, AJAX technologies, a visual block manager, and many popular payment gateways to develop an e-commerce website to increase sales with easy payment methods supported by CS-Cart.

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