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Decorating the bathroom: 10 practical tips

Decorating a bathroom can be a difficult task. There are many choices you can make, all of which affect the appearance of your bathroom. Think, for example, of the colors you use, the type of sanitary ware you install, or how practical you use the space. Read our 10 practical tips for decorating your bathroom below.

#1. Use light and neutral colors

The color in the bathroom is one of the most important elements in this small space. The color largely determines the appearance of the bathroom, but also how large the bathroom appears. It is best to use light colors for a spatial effect. These make the bathroom look bigger. In addition, you will not get bored with light and neutral colors as quickly.

#2. Provide adequate lighting

Lighting creates an atmosphere in the room. That also applies to the bathroom. Therefore, when furnishing, do not forget to hang sufficient lighting. This includes practical lighting, such as a bathroom mirror with lighting or lightning in the shower, but also cozy mood lighting. But the best is still daylight. The more daylight that can enter the room, the larger the room appears. Therefore, also check whether your window is large enough. You can get more about bathroom vanity tips


#3. Glass shower wall looks spacious

The third tip for designing the bathroom is to use a glass shower enclosure where possible. Glass is transparent and therefore does not interrupt the design of the bathroom showrooms Melbourne. A shower cabin or a stone partition wall makes the space a lot smaller. Therefore, use clear glass as much as possible.

#4. Smart storage

When designing the bathroom, it is important to make smart use of the space and in this way to store all loose items in a handy way. This way you ensure a tidy and quiet bathroom. Again, be creative with space. There are always corners and walls that you can use to hang a cabinet or beautiful shelves. There are also handy pharmacy cabinets for the bathroom.

#5. Decorating a small bathroom: make choices

The larger the space, the more you can naturally fit in it and the easier it is to set up the bathroom. This means that with a small bathroom you will still have to make choices. How often will you actually use a bath? Is a toilet in the bathroom a necessity or is only a toilet in the toilet room sufficient? Combining the bath with the shower is also a space-saving option.

#6. Hang floating bathroom furniture on the wall

Bathroom furniture is very practical. You can store everything in them and they also look nice. Now there are different types of furniture that you can buy. When designing your bathroom, it is useful to look at floating bathroom furniture. These are separate from the floor and therefore do not take up much optical space.

#7. Use a 3D bathroom planner

When designing the bathroom, it is important that you know in advance which element should be placed where. A handy tool for this is our 3D bathroom planner. Here you can indicate the size of your bathroom and where the door and window are located. You can then arrange the different types of sanitary ware in the room and choose the right tiles. So you can try out all kinds of options. A bathroom design is a lot easier this way.

Blok: Do you want to design your own bathroom? Then use our 3D bathroom planner.


#8. Combine timeless materials and colors with trendy eye-catchers

Decorating a new bathroom means you can make it in a brand new style. It is wise to choose timeless materials and colors that are not too colorful, especially if you do not intend to live in the same house for the rest of your life. With a view to a possible sale of the house, a neutral and timeless bathroom is the best choice. You can of course make the bathroom exciting by means of trendy eye-catchers and fun accessories.


#9. Think about which style of bathroom you want

Think carefully in advance in which style you would like the bathroom. Sometimes it is possible to combine different styles, but the most fun (and the quietest) is to use one style. Sleek and modern is the most chosen style for Dutch bathrooms. Or opt for classic or rural. The industrial bathroom, we see more and more.

#10. Less is more

Less is more. A well-known statement in the art world, but certainly also applies to designing a bathroom. Too many elements in one room quickly create a cluttered space, while the bathroom is a place where we want to relax. But, for example, too many accessories can make the room feel stuffy. The less, the quieter. This tip is especially useful for a small bathroom. How we furnish the bathroom naturally depends on how the space is divided and its size. And of course, your personal taste also counts. The most important thing is to design the bathroom in such a way that you feel comfortable there. And are you looking for sanitary products? Then view our webshop. Also, read our blog in which we explain what exactly sanitary is.

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