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Die Cut Boxes, How are they Made?

The die cut boxes are the new cool of the packaging industry. Unlike the regular, universal cardboard cartons, these boxes are the bespoke boxes. These are made in order keeping in view the exact dimensions, size, and shape of the product. These custom die cut boxes are specific to a brand and are meant to provide it an identity with the help of unique, tailor made packaging which is different from other brands and hence help provide a source of recognition to a brand.

Die Cutting-How It Works

Let us get a bit into the details of how the die cut boxes are made and why we say that they are tailor made. The first step in the die cutting process is performed by a designer. He comes out with a box design on a computer according to your specific requirements. All the creasing lines, the outer die line and every other minute detail is fed into a computer system. Based on this CAD design, a special die is made. This is a machine that you can compare with a cookie cutter. It is made specifically for every client’s requirements for a box design.  Then you select the material with which you want your boxes to be made. The sheets of the preferred material are then pressed and cut with your die machine. It Results in a flat cut out sheet in a specific pattern which can then be folded and glued (if needed) at specific points to give it the shape of a box. The boxes can be shipped flat as cut out sheets and then assembled at your own packaging facility to save the shipping cost.

Various Functions Performed by Die 

Cutting is not the only thing that a custom made die does for you. The computer operated system feeds each and every detail into your die machine. This is not limited to cutting a boundary of the box only. It also dictates where the sheet needs to be folded, where it should be perforated to be cut out, and which parts are to be glued together. Precisely, the die machine performs the following functions;

  • Perforation

The die cut machine is fed with the complete box template. It also dictates the areas where the sheet needs to be cut, other than the outer die line. The areas which need to be torn are perforated by the die machine. This means that the machine creates a number of tiny holes or cuts in that part of the sheet. This makes the tearing easy along that area. 

  • Creasing

The machine creates an indent at the lines where the sheet should be folded to give it a shape of a box. 

  • Scoring

This involves making small cuts or impressions at certain areas for easy folding or sometimes clueing if needed.

  • Cutting

The die cut machine cut across the die lines to give the sheet a boundary. 

How Die Cutting Can be Economical

The general perception about the die cut boxes is that they are very costly. However, this is just a myth. When the boxes are cut exactly according to the dimensions of a product, they take lesser space in the transportation vehicle. This means that more boxes can be carried in one round. Hence you need fewer rounds to ship your product. Besides, when you have to order the boxes in bulk, the die cutting is economical. Another reason why the die cut boxes are economical is that when the boxes are according to the exact dimensions of the product, there is less need for the extra padding during shipping. This in turn saves you a lot both on the padding cost and on the space.

 In addition to that, there is a perception that the dies are made very costly and that is an added cost in the packaging. However, most of the custom box manufacturers today are offering the die cut boxes without charging anything extra for the die and plate. All these factors add up to give you an economical and very precise solution to all your packaging needs. Besides being fairly economical, die cutting provides you with the very accurately and precisely cut boxes.

Customization of Die Cut Boxes

Besides the shape, size and overall appearance, the die cutting also allows you to customize your boxes in many other ways. For example, die cutting may involve cutting out the windows in the boxes. The window cut boxes are very much in trend as they provide a better display of the product and enhance the chances of sale. Moreover, these boxes can further be customized when it comes to printing. You can get your logo printed on these boxes in any way you like.  You can even go for the advanced printing options on die cut boxes. These may include embossing, raised ink, spot UV, foiling, and many others.


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