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Document verification services are in use for a very long time. Most people experience the process of document authentication at various stages. The best example of this operation is the scenario of opening a new bank account. The banking authority always checks the legal paperwork of the customer to ensure their credibility. After the document verification process is complete, the Financial Institutions (FIs) and banks allow the client to create a new account and use its services.

The documents of the customer provide all the relevant information of the person who is opting to interact with the financial institution. Other than FIs, document verification services are in use by many other industries. It plays an integral part in the identity verification solution of the customer.

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Significance Of Document Attestation In the Digital Era

In this digital era where everyone is utilizing the latest technologies, document verification services are also implemented digitally to provide a secure online experience. The e-commerce market is quite rich in revenues and holdings of assets and most businesses are shifting their workflows online. As the number of organizations is increasing on the digital level the fraudsters are also choosing digital techniques for thefts and scams. 

To protect the customers and the business resources, many organizations choose online document verification service providers to assist them. There are a number of service providers that aim to provide identity verification services. Among the best are the Shufti Pro services which are easy and reliable for most firms. The digital way of evaluating documents is secure and fast as it uses modern-day techniques such as AI and OCR. 

Shufti Pro Solutions

The Shufti Pro services include a number of identity verification solutions that are created to process customer identities. With this service, businesses can stay put with all the international compliances such as KYC (Know Your Customer), KYB (Know Your Business), and AML (Anti Money Laundering). It also provides the best-in-class document verification services to evaluate and process the government-issued papers of the client. Not only the document solutions, but Shufti Pro also comes with fully-fledged verification procedures. It not only verifies the identity of the client but also evaluates the status from global money laundering watchlists automatically.

Shufti Pro services are built on the latest technologies with real-world datasets for the best accuracy. Specifically, the document verification services are based on 100% automated verification checks with real-time proof of identity. 

How does Shufti Pro Perform Online Document Verification?

The document verification procedure provides a complete online solution for the complete prevention of identity fraud. Most businesses adopt document verification services in the digital onboarding of their clients. With the automated AI solution the documents are submitted in the form of images to the system. 

Secure Document Validation

Shufti Pro automatically validates the papers by comparing the files with the existing document templates. This technique also eliminates the chances of manipulation and forgery of the images. It is also worth mentioning that the AI solution supports a wide range of documents from personal identity cards and passports to official bank statements and financial billings. It can read and validate over 3000 different document types in multiple languages as well.

Reliable Document Verification

After the verification process of the documents. The system then utilizes the built-in OCR (Optical Character Recognition Technology) to detect and extract the data from the documents. The effective data reading algorithms process the documents to read the required fields from the uploaded documents of the customer. It then verifies the extracted information with the original input provided by the customer at the time of registration to the business. The document verification services enable the screening of the clients as well from lists of global criminals. 

Future Of Verification 

The reliable services of Shufti Pro are available for free trials. In fact, it is the first service provider that enables businesses to test their services before buying.

The CEO of Shufti Pro, Shahid Hanif stated: “Established on the principles of authenticity, trust, and transparency, Shufti Pro became the first company to offer free trials in the identity verification industry and kept its pricing public.”. 

Shufti Pro has been awarded multiple times on various occasions the CEO of Shufti Pro, Victor Fredung has expressed the secure methods of Shufti Pro on which the businesses can rely. 

The Bottom Line

Document verification services are an integral part of every business. As they provide a secure customer onboarding solution. The illicit activities of money laundering and terror financing can be detected and prevented by effective measures of identity verification solutions. Shufti Pro identity verification solutions are specially engineered to secure the online verification of customers. The services provide over 95% accuracy in most of the identification processes such as document checks and biometric identity evaluations. The complete document verification process also is as the KYC laws and regulations proposed by the international authorities.

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