Documents Required For Insurance Surveyor!

And Loss Assessor License

A Surveyor and Loss Assessor is an IRDA-licensed insurance entity that that maintains the integrity of the insurance industry by verifyingg the insurance claims. Thus, in this era of insurance fraud, the demand for these service providers is high. This article explains to you the documents that you need to obtain the license to become a Surveyor and Loss Assessor in India.

Insurance services have gained a lot of ubiquity over the past few years. However, it has also opened doors for various nefarious activities. Fortunately, the IRDA has a backup plan. Acting on it, it released regulations for Insurance surveyors and loss assessors in 2020.

What is a surveyor and loss assessor? It is an insurance entity with the following responsibilities:

  1. Analyzing the insured property
  2. Assessing the property loss
  3. Verifying the insurance claims

These activities have made this insurance intermediary one of the most sought after entities in the insurance sector.

Do you want to become this insurance entity? If you do, better get your documents ready.

Documents required for the Insurance Surveyor And Loss Assessor License

Successful application filing depends upon the quality of the documents. Thus, If you want to successfully apply for the license to become the titular insurance entity, provide the following docs to the IRDA in their right formats

Duly filled application form:

Even though the application form you need to provide is online, you need to be careful about the details. Take care of every info that you enter in the sections. If you don’t feel confident about a certain detail, ask for assistance. Do not provide incomplete applications. They have been the cause of delay for many applicants. Therefore, do everything you can to not be one of them.

Recent Photograph (Passport sized):

IRDA only gives license to organizations with a human face behind them. Therefore, provide the authority with your passport-sized photograph at the time of application filing.

PAN Card:

Submit a copy of your PAN card to the IRDA portal. It is a significant document as it informs the authority that you are a taxpaying entity of India.

Address proof:

There are two ways you can provide evidence of your registered office.

  1. If you have the place on rent, provide a copy of the rent agreement with the No Objection Certificate from your landlord.
  2. In case you own the registered office, provide a copy of the sale deed.

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Proof of qualification:

Your qualification should be according to the type of insurance services you want to pursue. For instance, if you want to deal with fire insurance, provide a qualification degree in the field of chemical or mechanical engineering.


Provide an undertaking to the Authority stating that:

  1. All the details you have entered in the application form are correct
  2. And, the Information that you have attached with the application form is complete

Membership certificate of the institution:

Along with the college education degree, you also need to provide IRDA with a copy of a membership certificate of one of the following institute

  1. ICAI Institute of Chartered Accountants of India
  2. Or, ICSI Institute of Company Secretary of India
  3. IIA Indian Institute of Actuaries
  4. Or, IIRM Institute of Insurance and Risk management

A Fit and Proper Statement:

IRDA only deems those with a sound mind worthy for the surveyor and loss assessor license. Thus, provide a statement stating that you adhere to IRDA’s fit and proper criteria.

Evidence of the fee payment:

The proof of payment of fees should either be a Bharatkosh receipt or an offline Challan.

Apply for the surveyor and loss assessor registration with these documents and IRDA would not reject it. However, you still need to be careful.

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Having the right documents will help you acquire the license to become a Surveyor and loss assessor.

By analyzing these docs, the IRDA assesses your eligibility for the license. Therefore, furnish your documents only after you’ve contacted an IRDA consultant.

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