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E-commerce Survival Kit for 2022

by Pimclick Creative Digital Agency

The best practice of E-commerce is only ever written in sand. Our feedback of the past two years are clear proof of this changing industry.  As the world learns to adjust to new parameters of living, E-commerce is also changing itself in response to these exterior factors. It is safe to say that the survival kit for any online business must include a degree of adaptability.

If the concept of a ‘secular trend’ would previously run between one to 30 years, presently one cannot expect a new trend to last past the one-year mark, especially in the context of Social Media. Millennials and generations above will remember the days of ‘online skepticism’ when making a purchase on the internet was treated as a risk, rather than a formality. Global online connectivity meant hitting the gas pedal on consumerism, spending culture and market competition. How does a business stand out in the year to come?

Adaptability is the ‘bread and butter’ of online e-commerce.

With the increasing number of competitors in just about any online niche, it is only natural that the most prosperous businesses are those which are able to control the waves of changes. A recent report attested that in the past two years, online shopping has soared with a boost of 183 million dollars. This marks a big opportunity for business owners, but in order to stay in control of such an offer, adaptability is key.

So , what must an e-commerce platform adapt to exactly?

Trends, algorithms and tech breakthroughs – they rule e-commerce with an iron first.
Standing out can happen in a good way, but it can also happen in a bad way. If the trend across e-commerce decides that mobile apps are the future, then all business owners must follow suit. Those who fail to do so will surely see engagement drop and bounce rate increase.

Trend increases by 55% as estimated. Making sure that people on the go have access to vocal search functionality must be a priority for those brand owners looking to modernize their web presence. Another technological breakthrough that all business owners must keep in mind is drone delivery. Its inception stage, drone delivery is bound to revolutionize global transportation as we know it. This will result in long-term lower logistics costs as well as faster delivery times, therefore it is safe to say all early adopters of this technology will benefit from their investment.

So, what else can one invest in to stay at the top of the 2021 e-commerce game?

Out with the old, in with new: SXO, headless E-commerce, and video testimonial.
Technologies must be renewed with better performance in mind, and optimization strategies make no exception to this rule.  Search eXperience Optimisation, SXO, is such a performance-focused strategy that it goes far beyond SEO. It marries the best of SEO and UX Design to provide a superior shopping experience. Understandably, SXO is fully customizable, from pop-up windows to order history access, and will surely increase in popularity in the next year.

Which is the surest pathway to the checkout process in e-commerce?

Though it might seem daunting, the sight of online E-commerce in 2022 is in fact full of hope. The prospects for growth are better than ever. And all these exciting new technologies must serve both the customers and the business owners. While adaptability has never been more necessary, it has also never been easier to attain.

There are a plethora of digital trends in the market right now. But e-commerce accelerated from a growing opportunity to a necessity during the coronavirus pandemic. Even as the economy restarts and shows a pickup, certain consumer behaviors could persevere. Possibly making e-commerce a key tactic for marketers hereon and also in the future.

Companies that were Pimclick building up their e-commerce arsenal are encountering a gold-rush from the recent upsurge in online shopping. E-commerce now accounts for a total of 14% of P&G’s sales at the international level, while its competitor Unilever projects to increase their funding to support high-growth business segments like e-commerce.

E-commerce tools can now also use artificial intelligence and deep learning to improve customer experience. Pimclick is launching a technology that can understand your customer better than your in-store sales associate. The technology enables superior search experience for online shoppers and improves search utility and conversion KPI. A proprietary ranking algorithm takes many signals into account to rank the most relevant products highest.

E-commerce is a more speedily evolving space and is becoming one of the most important business trends as the funnel between marketing and sales keeps shrinking. We are going to see a lot of activity in the e-commerce space as everyone is starting to recognize its importance.

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