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Eco-Friendly Packing Materials and Techniques for a Sustainable Move

Whether it is time for you to move to your new home or simply send packages to friends and family, it is essential to keep sustainability in mind.

Sustainable packaging is an excellent option for reducing your waste and carbon footprint. With the numerous options available nowadays, it is easier than ever. The best part? Some of those options may actually be cheaper, as you probably have them in your home.

What is eco-friendly moving?

The process aims to minimise the environmental impact of the moving process by reducing waste and pollution. Using biodegradable and reusable packing materials, reducing the number of trips required to move your belongings, and donating or recycling unwanted items.

Doing some thorough research may be a good idea if you decide to use a packing company to assist you in your move. 

Ensure you choose a service that shares your sustainability values and applies good practices, such as adopting green initiatives in their operations and using energy-efficient vehicles.

Also, working with professionals can make your relocation easier and more stress-free, especially if you have small kids or toddlers.

Which packing materials are considered eco-friendly?

Eco-friendly materials are made to reduce waste and minimise non-renewable resource use greatly. And there are a plethora of options on the market to choose from.

Whether you prefer to reduce the waste left behind after you complete your move or would rather go for a biodegradable option that can be composted afterwards, most removal packing service companies got you covered.

Eco-friendly packing materials that you can use:

The vast majority of the materials you will use in your move are either easily accessible or already present at your home. We will help you identify those options to ensure that you make your next moving process eco-friendly.

Reusable moving bins and boxes

Moving bins are an excellent option when it comes to reusable items. They are sturdy, durable, and are not affected by weather conditions. Once you have completed your move, you can use them as storage.

Due to them being durable and also easy to handle, many businesses keep moving bins in store, ready to be used. If you are not looking to purchase or simply don’t want to store them once you are done, you can look for a packing company that will rent them to you.

Biodegradable packing peanuts

Packing peanuts is not the first thing that comes to mind when discussing sustainability. While they are a great option to fill the empty spaces inside the boxes during the move, there isn’t much use for them afterwards.

The great news is there are biodegradable packing peanuts. When you run them underwater, they are designed to disintegrate into almost nothing.

Unlike styrofoam peanuts, the eco-friendly option does not leave a mess behind, is not toxic, and leaves no harmful residue. The best part? They are completely compostable!

Biodegradable Bubble Wrap

Any removal packing service specialist will say that bubble wrap is one of the best methods to protect any valuable or fragile belongings during your move. Its air-filled bubbles ensure that any impact is completely absorbed, leaving any wrapped item unharmed.

The downside to using this wrap is that it does not break down in landfills, and with the number of people moving, it has quickly become a severe issue.

Like packing peanuts, scientists have come up with eco-conscious options. You can now safely wrap your breakables using biodegradable bubble wrap, ensuring they are protected while minimising pollution.

Recycled pads and tape

Furniture pads are thick coverings used to protect large items during a move. Using them for big appliances and furniture will prevent nicks and scratches during the move and while in transit. 

Tape is another one that we regularly forget. When shutting boxes and wrapping items, we can easily lose track of how much we use while packing. A rough estimate shows we waste over 150 yards of tape per move. 

Paper tape is much easier to break down than the ones made from other materials, has a much more durable texture, and is easier to see compared to plastic options.

Alternative packing materials for a sustainable move

So far, we have covered what you should be focusing on getting before your move. However, there is an even more sustainable option – reusing the packing materials you already have at your home.

Towels and blankets

Wrapping items in towels and blankets is an excellent alternative to purchasing wrapping materials. You can safely cushion your items while doubling down on saving space in your boxes – you need those blankets and towels moved either way, right?


Nowadays, finding a household without a few newspapers is a difficult task. It is one of those goods that can be repurposed for various uses. You can use it to wrap your plates and glasses, protecting them from dents throughout the move.

Upcycled materials

Reusing items is the way to go when it comes to sustainability. Contacting house packing service companies or checking local crowdsourcing platforms will provide numerous options for your move.

Not only will you be able to purchase sufficient amounts to finalise your move, but it will be much cheaper than looking to buy new packing materials.

Bubble wrap alternatives

Bubble wrap may provide the highest level of protection for your items, but it is not always needed.

Here are some alternatives:

  • Air pillows are a good alternative made from paper or biodegradable materials and will ensure that your belongings arrive safely at their destination;
  • Packing paper is a cheaper alternative to bubble wrap and can be easily crumpled to fill empty spaces in your boxes;
  • Fabric. You can wrap fragile items in clothing or cushions to provide your possessions with the much-needed shock absorber;
  • Biodegradable bubble wrap. Even though we already mentioned it in this article, it is the best possible alternative when you want to ensure that all your expensive items arrive safely.

What to do with the eco-friendly packing materials after the move?

Choosing eco-friendly packing materials for your move is an enormous step in the right direction when it comes to protecting our planet. But what should you do with them once you have settled down at your new place?

If you have sufficient storage space, the first step is to use the packing stuff to store and protect the items you do not currently use.

All the compostable materials can be used to start that compost bin you have always wanted. You can take them to the nearest composting centre if you are not looking for one yet.

Everything else you can choose to resell or donate to others who are just now starting their moving process.

How to make your move even more sustainable?

You have already chosen the right materials for a more sustainable living, but what else can you do to reduce your carbon footprint during a move?

  • Donate and recycle. Before starting the moving process, consider donating or recycling unused items. The fewer items you move around, the cleaner and easier the moving process will be.
  • Map your route. Once you have everything ready for the move, take the time to consider the best time and course to reduce the number of miles you travel. Consider using a bigger vehicle to make as few trips as possible when transporting your stuff.
  • Use energy-efficient vehicles. Regardless of whether you reach out to a packing company or decide to move independently, always use energy-efficient vehicles.


There are countless things to consider when packing and moving all your belongings. The good news is that there are more and more eco-friendly packing materials on the market that will significantly help you in your efforts to preserve Mother Nature.

Whether you purchase biodegradable alternatives or they are already available in your home, you can create a sustainable plan for your move to ensure that not only is your stuff protected, but so is the environment as well.

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