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Embed Google Review Widget – A Fruitful Way to Boost Sales

According to a recent study, 63% of customers are more likely to purchase from a site with user reviews. So, what does that imply? – It means that it is important to collect reviews but it is equally important to showcase them. 

Therefore, businesses are opting to embed Google Reviews widget on their website. As these widgets allow users to display reviews to the website visitors. If you still doubt the correlation between reviews and sales, then this next stat might be convenient for you –  as per Reevoo, 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rate. So, it is important to display reviews in front of your potential customers. 

And when we talk about reviews platforms, it becomes necessary to mention Google reviews. According to Bizrate Insights, approximately 59 percent of shoppers use Google Reviews, making it the most trustworthy platform. Therefore businesses are actively displaying them on their website using the Google review widget.

Google Review Widget – What Is It & How To Get It?

Google Review widget is a functional block that displays Google reviews on your desired website page and position. Various tools like social media aggregators allow you to embed the Google review widget on the website.  

So, you must be wondering what are these social media aggregators, right? So here is a mini-guide for you – Social media aggregators are amazing tools that help users aggregate social feeds from various social media accounts. It provides them the facility to curate and customizes them before displaying them on your website. Most of these tools provide you with a dedicated google review widget that you can embed on your website. 

You can even customize the widget by changing its font text, font size, and more. You also have the option to change the themes and layouts and make the widget match the style of your website. It helps you to add a professional touch to your website. And create a good impression in front of your visitors. 

Moreover, they also provide you with the moderation feature that allows you to filter out the reviews that you don’t want to display on your website. Often it happens that people mention some other brand while writing about your products, this can divert the attention of your potential customer to some other brand. Hence you can use this feature to hide the reviews that contain the name of other products or brands.

Embedding Google review widget is a great way to win your website visitors’ trust and reach your business goals. If these reasons are not enough for you to apply this strategy, then here are some of the major benefits that might convince you to embed Google reviews widget on your website.

Why Users Should Embed Google Review Widget On The Website 

Every business and marketer deserves to know all the aspects of any particular strategy, and most importantly, it is necessary to know some major advantages of a particular strategy. Hence here are some of the highlighted advantages of embedding Google review widget on the website.

1. Establishes reliability for your business

While the competition is fierce and consumers are spoilt for choice, credibility acts as a great weapon to acquire new consumers. Existing users’ reviews and experiences often guide the potential customer to know about the quality and reputation of a brand. And by showcasing them on your website, you can prove the credibility of your brand, enhance the market reputation, and build trust amongst potential customers.

2. Engages your website visitors

Reviews and feedback always keep the reader engaged, as they help the reader know more about the products. And if readers are aiming to buy the product, they get to know how the product can be used and how it can change their lives. For businesses, it can be an effective way to instill interest in the mind of the users. So, when you embed the Google review widget on the website, they get to read all the reviews on the website itself and keep them engaged.

4. Hold the visitors on the website

Consumers often look for reviews for a particular brand/product, and as they explore more websites and employ more research, they end up buying from other brands or some other product. So, it is important to keep the reader in one place so that they don’t wander to some other website and buy from rival brands. Google review widget helps you to solve the purpose. As it showcases the reviews on the website, it holds consumers on your brand and keeps them focussed on your brand.

5. Builds a review cycle

It can be a difficult task for any business to gather more reviews from their users. So, when a customer looks at the review getting a feature on the brand’s official website. It encourages other customers as well to post reviews for your brand and eventually builds a review cycle.

6. Builds a robust customer-brand relationship

Businesses need to have a strong relationship with their customers, as it eventually increases their market reputation and enhances word of mouth. So, when a customer sees his reviews getting a feature on the website, they feel valued, and it shows that you consider your customer feedback. Also, it increases market reputation as you appear transparent in front of your visitors. 


One can say reviews are a simple way to convince potential customers to buy your products. While it is important to gather reviews for the business, but you should also have the strategy to showcase them to a large audience. And as people now prefer surfing business websites for their purchases, embed Google reviews on the website is a smart way to develop credibility in front of them and convert your visitor into customers. 

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I’m Daisy - a digital marketer that has a passion for writing and exploring new marketing trends and innovations. My interest lies in social media platforms, tools (like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter Widget and etc.), and digital marketing trends.

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