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Essential Tips For Making Your Car Thief-Proof

Car is an essential part of our life for most of us. We wholeheartedly invest a significant amount of money and time in purchasing and further maintaining it. There are numerous vehicles with the latest designs equipped with handsome technology that a thief ever wanted. Car theft is among the topmost crime reported worldwide.

What is more head spring is that thieves nowadays use intelligent devices and tools to make a move. As car owners, it is our duty to protect our cars. To make it possible, read this blog to the end because we are sharing some tips that you can practice to make your car securer.

Keep an eye On the Car

We know that it is not possible for most of us to keep our car in front of us all the time. So instead, head to your nearest store and install a Dashcam for better security. It can record activity around your car, whether you are driving or the vehicle is parked.

There are many brands out there that are providing cameras engraved with the latest technology and attest features. VIOFO is also one of those brand that is offering car accessories and other essential parts.  So, do check them out, but don’t forget to avail VIOFO promo code for great deals and discounts.

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Secure the keys

Several times, we stop at certain places such as a Gas station or a tuck shop. Leaving our car keys on. Remember never to leave the keys at a visible sight. Furthermore, keeping your engine on will also burn additional fuel. So, it is best to keep your car keys with you.

Choose a Wise Parking Space

Always try to park your car in a well lighten area. Avoid using dark spaces as this will increase the chance of getting theft. If possible, arrange a light source that you can easily access to make the surroundings safer. Furthermore, if you have wise space in your house utilize it to make a car parking garage and park there.

Make Sure the Doors are Locked

Ensure to lock the door after leaving the car. Double-check the locks for maximum security. Remember to change the remote battery on time to ensure a properly working lock mechanism.

Cover it 

Covering your car makes it more secure. And it is also a great way to prevent damages. Choose a good quality cover and the required size for the car. Prefer the cover with strings, not with an elastic. Also, ensure to change the cover upon damages.

Keep the windows Closed

It is a good habit of inhaling fresh air while travelling. But, don’t forget to close the windows upon leaving the car. There are certain times we make this mistake, and as a result, we might lose our precious vehicle.

Install an anti-theft System

For more security reasons. Install an alarming system in your car. It is not expensive and can kick off the robbers through its loud noise function. Even though the dash blinker led is also an excellent way to keep thief’s away from your car.

Keep Valuables Out of the Car

Do not keep any essential valuable inside the car. These items might get the attention of the robbers even if they are not willing to go for your car.

Install a Tracking System

Consider installing a premium tracking system to your car or a recovering vehicle system to maintain your car motion activity. Moreover, the system will signal the police to ensure timely recovery upon stealing. It might be expensive but can make your valuable more secure.

Purchase an Insurance Policy for Car

There are times when we lose the essential item even after making all the adjustments. To bear the consequences, it is better to take the car’s insurance to recover enough financial loss.

Install a Device for the Steering Wheel and Brakes

Many cars are pre-installed with mechanical devices to lock the steering wheel when the car is not in use. However, if your vehicle does not have the required feature, consider it for additional security.

Lift the Brake

Always ensure to lift the hand brake or emergency brake, making it more difficult for the robber to tow away.

Be Alert

Be alert always in terms of your belongings. Install a CCTV camera near your parking area to monitor the surroundings more efficiently. Double-check your car exterior for any strange thing. For example, be very curious about the tires and rims. Sometimes if the robber fails to take your car, he will try to go for small items such as the battery or the rims.

What to do if My Car Got Stolen?

In the worst case, if your car got stolen. Quickly contact the police department and hand them all the required details of the car

  • Color and design
  • Car model
  • Car registered number
  • Car license plate number
  • Any other modified feature that can help to find the car more effectively

If you have an insurance claim, do not forget to tell them within 24 hours.

Stay safe and sound wherever you are. Be active and alert to detect any mishap that can cause a calamity. Hope this blog will justify your security needs, don’t forget to practice these essential tips for making your car more secure.


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