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Everything You Need To Know About Baths

There was a time when the bathroom was considered incomplete without baths. Perhaps, most of the homeowners in the UK still consider them an essential utility. Although things have changed over time, and many people have sacrificed their bathtub for an enclosure. Some due to the space-saving, they believe they can save some space due to it. While other due to aesthetics, as many people believe an enclosure is aesthetically better and create a modern look in comparison to a bathtub. Whatever their reason may be, One this is for sure, bathtubs are a great utility that offers incredible benefits.

 During the covid-19 lockdown, many British people have realized that the bathtubs could be an excellent part of their healthy routine. From making you relax after a hard day out to making breathing easier, there are a number of benefits associated with the enclosures. But like everything else, the bathroom fittings and fixtures have evolved over time. Therefore, when you plan to install them, there is a lot of jargon that you come across. Even when you talk about a bathtub that looks merely a simple item, but you will be surprised after knowing their different types and shapes. 

In this article, we will explain different terms associated with bathtubs and their accessories so you know what these terms mean.

Different Types Of Baths. 

  • Generally, you can divide baths into two types and several shapes. We explain it here how.l shaped shower baths, p shaped shower baths 
  • Straight Bathtub. It is a simple bathtub that you find in most of the bathrooms. You can say that these are the basic version that is designed to serve the purpose of allowing to take a comfortable bath. These will simply allow you to take a bath. The depth and dimensions are reasonable enough to have a good soak.
  • Shower Bathtub. It is a type of bathtub that offers dual functionalities into a single unit. That means you can enjoy both shower and bath in the bath without requiring you to have them separately in the bathroom. For this purpose, these bathtubs are designed in a way that you can use their one-end side as a shower. You will only need to install a shower overhead, and there will be enough room available to stand on that side. It is possible to choose from various shapes, either straight shower baths UK, p shaped, or I shaped, that all are specially designed for this purpose. types of Shower Bath, l shaped shower baths, p shaped shower baths
  • Single Ended Bathtub. It is a type of bath that has slop edges on one side while straight on the other. The purpose of these edges slopes is to facilitate you to keep your neck and shoulders while taking a shower. So, a single person can use it easily as one side has a design for such purpose while the other side has bath fillers.
  • Double Ended Bathtub.  Unlike single-ended bathtubs, these have slop edges on both ends. That means you can use it from the side, or a couple can take a bath at the same time. It is deeper and a bit wider as well. The bath filler tap usually is positioned in the right middle of the bath. Such bath offers a spacious bath experience and is an excellent choice for a family bathroom where you want to bathe kids and pets. 

Different Baths Accessories.

While choosing the baths UK, you will also require few accessories that we discuss as follows

Bath Panels.  These are side covering that covers the bottom of the bathtub. A fitted bathtub usually has one, two, or three sides open. So, unless you cover these sides with these panels, these will look bad with visible plumbing. These are available in wood and acrylic material. You can choose the one depending on your budget and aesthetics requirements.

Shower Screens.  The major purpose of the shower screen is to prevent water splashes. So, these are an essential part of shower bathtubs. In addition to that, you can enhance the look of your bathing area with the installation of these screens

Are you looking for Perfect Baths?

 In this article, we have explained different terms that are associated with baths. The purpose was the make you understand what these actually mean. At Royal Bathrooms UK, we have various bathrooms fittings and fixtures available at a reasonable price.

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