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Everything You Need to Know About Ford Pre-owned

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There are now more cars on the streets than ever and vehicles are getting harder to distinguish by the day. Each car on the road comes with its own merits but when the factors to differentiate them become minute, it makes no sense to buy the latest and greatest. This is precisely why the used car market is in full bloom these days. A lot of people are looking to save money and buy used cars. They represent better value and often come with a slew of noteworthy features.

There is also the matter of the rising inflation rate and the income parity. Even in cities like Dubai, people are always looking to get their hands on a good deal on used cars. Luckily the market offers plenty of options. Brands such as Ford have been trusted in the Middle East for decades. There is a reason that the market for pre-owned Ford in Dubai is full of pristine models. You can virtually find any make and model for a great price. But why is it so popular? What are the models available in the market? And where can you get them? All of these questions will be answered in this guide, so keep reading to find out!

The reason why Ford is popular

Firstly, Ford is a car brand that is popular everywhere in the world. They made the first car in the world and for over a century they have been the premier manufacturer of automobiles across the globe. They are exceedingly popular in the UAE as they have the repertoire and more importantly the type of cars that suit the place. From affordable hatchbacks to big SUVs, you will find a pre-owned Ford in Dubai that will suit anyone’s persona. To make things a little clearer, let us take a look at three primary reasons why they are so popular.

A range of models

While Ford offers several cars in the Middle East some are more loved than others. The Ford Focus is arguably the most popular choice of used compact family cars in the UAE. It is reliable and has a great power-to-torque ratio, which is great for the desert. You can find spare parts with ease and maintenance is hassle-free. There is also an all-wheel-drive and an aesthetic design that will please viewers.

Models such as the Explorer and Ecosport also have their merits. They are big SUVs that can handle the harsh climate and provide plenty of space. For their size, they are surprisingly very affordable. For families looking for a bigger car, either one of these makes for an excellent choice. When you are looking for a Ford used car in Dubai any of these cars would be a great fit, however, you should choose a model that best suits your needs.


Earlier we alluded to the fact that you could easily get access to spare parts for a Ford Focus and that maintenance was easy. The reason for that forms the basis of the reliability that Ford is so keenly known for. Most Ford cars use very similar parts and you can swap them out for each other. This helps keep replacement costs low even if the car is a decade old. As the car’s parts are easily available you will not find hassles in replacing it.

There is also the matter of maintenance. Ford makes very robust cars they were the first to implement the assembly line idea for manufacturing and have perfected it for mass-produced cars. Their vehicles are designed and built to go the distance.


As we said, Ford makes mass-produced cars and that reason is why they can make so many models. They also refresh their cars on an annual basis. This means that each year there is a new model that is out and that also means the model from the last year depreciates. This is not great news if you are trying to sell used car Dubai, however, if you are trying to buy a used car, it’s a different story.

Even as the car gets replaced annually; the parts they use are the same, the technological updates are minor and the facelifts are cosmetic. Hence, they are very affordable used cars.

Where can you buy a pre-owned Ford in Dubai?

There are mainly three sources from where you can get access to a pre-owned Ford in Dubai.

Used car dealerships

Dubai has an abundance of used car dealerships. You will be able to find virtually any car, from a Lamborghini to a Ford. It is the place where people come to if they wish to sell cars in Dubai. It is also the place where you should come if you want to find a used Ford car. No matter the model or the year of manufacture, if there is anywhere you can find a Ford, it is a used car dealership.

What’s more a lot of dealerships already take care of the car before they sell them. This means that they will inspect it thoroughly, prepare all the documents, put it through the paces, and ensure that you as a customer get what they want. Sun City Motors are a great example of a used car dealership where you can get virtually any model from Ford at a price that will surprise you.

Classified ads

While classified ads might be a rarity these days, if you know how to look, you will unearth gems on here. You will have to expand your range when looking at classified as you are unlikely to get the precise model that you want. However, you can be persistent. You will eventually find the car if you wait long enough and at a negotiable price. That is the biggest advantage you get with a classified ad, you will be able to negotiate your terms directly. However, you have to be very careful when buying a car from a classified ad.

Ford showrooms

Every Ford dealer in Dubai also offers pre-owned cars. Their cars are certified, which means you get everything from warranty to servicing. They are also extremely well inspected and hence come with virtually zero flaws. The only caveat is the price. As Ford themselves is selling the used cars they slightly upscale the price. It is still much lower than a new car, however, you will get better deals in other places.


If you are looking to buy a pre-owned Ford in Dubai, Sun City Motors has the most complete range of used Ford cars. You can find everything from hatchbacks to SUVs available at extremely competitive prices. You can also find the best deals on popular models such as the Ford Ecosport, Focus, and Explorer. You will be able to get more than just a great car as there are accessories, warranties, and a whole lot that awaits you once you reach the store. For the latest news, offers and updates, visit our website and follow Sun City Motors on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

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