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Features you need in Mobile CRM for faster growth

This article will let you know some notorious Mobile CRM applications that help in handling conversations in real-time. 

What do you do when you don’t have a computer or laptop to log in to a CRM? Do you call other team members to manage the work or reply to valuable leads? Is it so? If yes, then you must introduce the concept of CRM in mobile phones with your team. You will not get dependent on others, productivity will increase, improve in customer support, etc. Allow us to put an appropriate definition-

Introducing Mobile CRM

Chance to get a CRM experience from mobile or tablet by choosing an accurate CRM mobile software. Invest in the right CRM that gives you such facilities to save time and hike productivity. It is an awesome option for the sales and marketing team to deliver to their customers anything in real-time. And this gives a green signal to businesses that they are working hard to improve customer relationships. 

Real-life scenario: You got a few valuable leads who purchased only from your business. You won the race of getting the right leads to improve business. But it is necessary to look at if they are under any problems. If they discuss issues with your business team, reply to them faster with the right solution. go. Communication is the key! Better to communicate with the audience when having the best CRM Mobile app in your organization. 

Benefits of CRM Mobile to manage everything

Everything is incomplete without its advantages. We are going to enlist some great benefits of Mobile CRM for businesses of all sizes. 

  • The first and most significant one to know is that CRM use on mobile can improve your sales. Your business sales reps get access to all such things to run the CRM with astonishing speed. They will do every crucial activity faster to get more leads on time. They will place all necessary information and the way they do work while using the desktop, the same goes here too. Start making good relationships with every customer for a lifetime. 
  • The second key advantage is it improves company productivity. How? Make sure your Google calendar and Contact application sync with the CRM software. It saves your quality of time by not working on two-three platforms together. Like if your meeting is scheduled then a user will receive a notification on their smartphones or tablets. In addition to this, they can also check out the customer notes and other important information without any discussion with other team members. 
  • Don’t ever feel that it can’t collect valuable data to manage your business. There are many such CRM mobile apps like Pipedrive or Zoho CRM that can help you in this matter. And ultimately, the collection of customer data processes can be done promptly with no error. CRM is an all-in-one solution that gathers the data and opens up the box about the information on what is going on in the field. Quick data collection enables you to update Contacts, input Notes, and more. Because you are managing in this advanced way, ROI will increase. 
  • You left the Traditional method to run your company. You have a CRM mobile to improve your Business skills. Your sales reps can schedule important meetings faster, make notes in real-time, add customer interaction, etc. This will help your company to increase the “Conversion Rate” for your Sales. One of the most important goals of every small-big business. 
  • And one more biggest advantage is tracking the employee’s performance here. Earlier, businesses gauge how their team performed from the desktop. Now they have smartphones which are also easily accessible to know what changes to bring and who is giving a remarkable performance.

Try HubSpot CRM to use this functionality

To get an ultimate experience of CRM in a smartphone, you must choose HubSpot first. We have lots of reasons why it is popular and should be on your priority list. It enables businesses to do live chat with the audience to turn them into clients and also it is perfect for making important notes. HubSpot lets you share your best email campaign to the audience so that you can promote your brand smartly. 

Suppose you get any update on your lead. This CRM will share a real-time notification to your mobile. By clicking on it, you can work on that. You don’t have to stay active on your computer screen from now on. Furthermore, email tracking functionality is available. You can track all great insights for your decision-making. 


I am Aashna Khanna, Marketing Specialist at OutRight Store, a marketplace for CRM tools. We build SuiteCRM and SugarCRM plugins that can be the perfect ones for your project. You will get a 3-Day Risk-Free trial, free installation and configuration, and lifetime support. We have plugins for email and SMS automation, integration with other business applications, and everything in between.

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