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The exponential evolution in app development is no surprise to us because it further fascinated people into programming.

Facing Front-end and Backend development, most people caught the fancy of Front end development. It’s pretty accurate, though; the front end displays an artistic side of a developer; everyone fancies that. Moreover, web development practices ensure to be one of the highest trends in this digital world. Therefore, countless app development companies follow this trend to guarantee the highest revenue.

Still, though you must be curious enough about the Front-end, cheer up! We have got it covered.

This article reflects on detailing different types of Front-end web technologies. Be seated cozily! It has begun.

Before we hop on the train, starting from listing the web technologies, let’s start from zero.

What Does Front-End Mean, anyway?

Front-end is yet another self-explanatory technical term. Have your screen open up to a browser and open any website, Any! There you go – Whatever you see is the Front-end. The header, fonts, buttons, or each design you see happens to be the work of a Front-end developer, aka ‘an artist.’

Mainly refers to the part of an application where the user can view and interact with. You must have used Instagram and found its elegant and yet so smooth front-end that absorbs users more. What’s even more exciting about Front-end is that it’s constantly changing and evolving because developers put their creative side to it every now and then. And creativity doesn’t have limits.

Front-end Development?

Front-end development deals with the outlook of a web app/website. For example, designing and coding the UI (User Interface) of a website – that’s Front-end Development. In other words, Front-end mainly focuses on client-side development – what the users should see. Including the web pages, designs, and more.

In addition to Front-end development, it’s the opening step of any app development process. First, you think of an excellent app, then perhaps you’ll have in mind what should it look like? Or how can you ensure a seamless and graceful user experience? It’s true, manifold developers and designers initially figure out a matching and interactive Front-end before even starting to code.

In today’s world, what is trending is business, and having a seamless app with an exceptional apps for your business website can help it grow even more and ensure an online presence – which is reasonably needed to do an influential business.

With a bit of luck, ‘Front-end’ and ‘Front-end development’ concepts are sorted out. So let’s shift over to Front-end Tools and Technologies!

Overview on Front-end Technologies

To construct a house, you need tools, and that’s also the case in app development. You need tools to build either Front-end or Backend. From a standpoint to an app development world, Front-end tools contribute to the development, i.e., the app’s front-end. Or helps build your idea into and an actual working app. Developers are bound to use the top-notch front-end development tools to create a phenomenal web app from scratch. Besides, various tools are defined to yield a different user experience. Provided that, choosing the best and required tools seem important enough to develop the unified web UI. While in the field of Front-end development out there, Cubix has high holds over yielding seamless UI for your website.

Types of Front-end Technologies

For Front-end development tools, you may find a vast and diverse ocean out there. Nothing remains constant for long. The same goes for the www (World Wide Web), alias ‘the internet,’ advanced on many levels. Much like the cutting-edge structure now. And various components helped mold the Web as it is now.

However, underlying manifold technologies help build a seamless User Interface. Therefore, there is not just one.

Here is the list of app web technologies that you need to be an excellent UI Developer:

  • Language
  • Framework
  • Methodologies
  • Task Runner
  • Package Manager
  • Module Bundlers
  • Linter and Formatters
  • Testing Tools

Also, all these aforementioned have brands in themselves.

Let’s explore a few!

Front-end Languages

Front-end development is one of the critical aspects of creating a user-friendly app. In effect, to build one, you must know app languages as they play the most crucial part in Front-end development. Without them, a no-can-do situation might fall over you. Not to mention, they enable developers to bring their ideas into reality.

Few Front-end languages that’ll get you started:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript

Moving on to Frameworks.

Front-end Frameworks

Frameworks offer a platform for the best possible use of programming languages. Understanding Frameworks is no rocket science. Consider a pen as a programing language and framework as a notebook. Easy-peasy!

The features of a framework are plenty. Help developers to write code in a much faster and simpler way. In addition to framework features, help reuse code fragments to empower an accessible coding environment for the developers. There is more to frameworks that outstandingly eases developers’ pain points on various scales. Many types of in-built libraries truly cater to countless functions.

Although any framework can help build small-scale projects, you might want to reconsider frameworks when you have a large-scale project. It is because the proper framework for the project can facilitate the precise amount of libraries, tools, and other high-function features to make the development process pretty much trouble-free and unwavering.

Moreover, the web frameworks support enhanced integration and build a channel of communication with other Front-end tools, which can be helpful at a larger scale. So it gets easy for many developers when they want high security and straightforward scalability; the framework got it covered.

 Here is A List of Some Web Frameworks To Consider:

  • Angular
  • React
  • js
  • Bootstrap
  • Semantic UI

Front-end Methodologies

It has never been the case when a proficient programmer develops apps without even following certain practices. In this planet of app development, specific development methodologies must be followed in the app development cycle. You can take up projects and start building right away, but there is a high chance you might miss out on something in the process. This is why you must stick to specific methodologies to yield high-quality products and eliminate the chances of errors and bugs.

These methodologies apply to almost every project development procedure. However, the same goes for the Front-end development; you should follow a specific method to app development. Not to mention Front-end development entails specific segments that need execution strategically. Additionally, methodologies/models help comprehend and maintain the development process more efficiently.

Some App development Models/Methodologies:

  • Agile
  • DevOps
  • Water
  • Rapid

However, in App development, you need to work with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) a lot, used for styling web pages. Therefore, there are specific CSS methodologies you should go along with.

CSS Methodologies:

  • Block, Element, Modifier – BEM
  • Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS – SMACSS
  • Object-Oriented CSS – OO CSS

Task Runner

After successfully choosing the suitable languages and frameworks, you should pick a task runner tool for faster development, although it’s not mandatory. However, task runner helps to streamline and ease the hassle of recurring coding. Yes! Task runners automate fragments of the coding process and throw out the need to make an extra effort by coding the same task again. In programming, repetitive coding comes a lot, which is why you should be prepared and choose an effective task runner tool for stress-free coding.

Here are some JS-based task runners:

  • Gulp
  • Grunt

Few other ways to automate code with via:

  • NPM Scripts
  • Node Package Manager

Wrap Up

The unwavering growth in Front-end tools and technologies built a widely open niche for new beginners to get their inner artwork in Front-end designing. Hopefully, this article kept your attention and explained the top side of web development, i.e., Front-end and its tools. While this is the current gossip in the markets – How can I enhance my Front-end from my competitors?

Today, IT graduating students mold their ideas into actual living apps. Several hire in-house and external developers to build their apps since the app is the only effective way to boost your business in this digital-driven world. However, if you want an excellent app with an all-in-one and placatory user interface, the App development company ensures to develop your app idea into a digital reality. In the end, transforming your vision into a reality is one of the supreme ingenuities a person can exemplify. for more details please visit daily.

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