Fundamentals to Keep in Mind to Embrace Enhanced Fashion

Things about the fashion that you must be aware of!

In the last 50-odd years, the evolution of Enhanced Fashion has been quite bold and radical. The minimalist way of adorning oneself with absolute liberty of choice has been transformed into an intellectual pursuit aligning with the market trend. Today, a combination of pretty attire and simple roll chain jewelry is in no way considered a desirable fashion. And, in this world of Instagram and other social giants, the fashion of an individual is subjected to consistent scrutiny. 

As a result, today’s youth are very much particular about the things that they wear, especially in the public domain. They tend to adorn themselves with the best-in-class attire, and ornaments from the best diamond jewelry stores in Los Angeles. This extreme emphasis on fashion has truly transformed the way people express themselves. 

For those willing to make a substantive improvement in their fashion, “learning and keep learning” has to be the approach. Frankly, reading one or two blog posts here and there in your free time may not be sufficient. It requires consistent effort in a systematic manner for an extended period to produce gradual changes in your overall look.

This write-up is quite relevant for all those fashion enthusiasts and teenagers who are looking for serious improvement in their glamor quotient. This article will act as a comprehensive guide for you to understand the basics of this new-age fashion and enable you to act accordingly. 

Effective Tools for Beginners to Up Their Fashion Game

After hours of discussion and brainstorming with my fellow colleagues and industry experts, here I’m presenting you with a few effective tools that you should refer to in order to up your fashion game. 

Pick up a Book to Cover the Basics 

Like any other skill, learning the fundamentals of fashion too requires extensive reading. And, to clear your basics, like what kind of attire to wear on what occasion, how to choose jewelry that compliments your attire, etc. you must develop a habit of reading on an everyday basis. 

Knowing the color combinations and the basic difference between pendants and necklaces or blazers and tuxedos will enable you to make the right call at the right time.

To understand the essence of fashion, here are four books for your consideration: 

  • D.V.: the autobiography of Diana Vreeland

The former editor-in-chief of Vogue described her life with an impressive backdrop of fashion. Her sheer obsession with fashion and her mesmerizing adventure makes it a perfect read for almost everyone.

  • The Battle of Versailles: By Robin Givhan

In this book, the Pulitzer award winner describes the famous fashion show held at the Palace of Versailles in 1973. Once you read this iconic book, you will understand the far-fetching impact of the show in today’s fashion and get an insight into the history of modern fashion.

  • All in Good Taste: Kate Spade

This book is quite a practical choice for any fashion enthusiast. It contains a number of personal essays, tips, and tricks to embrace an enriched fashion. 

  • The Rihanna Book: Rihanna

For those influenced by pop culture and their choice of attire and jewelry, The Rihanna Book has to be the first thing that they should read. The 504 pages book is full of colorful photos, which include almost all her memorable tours and the collection of outfits that she personally recommends. Grab a copy and be a part of her incredible journey!

Subscribe to a Reputed Blogpost and Fashion Magazine

Reading blog posts, in general, is an effective way to keep you motivated in the entire process. Therefore, you can definitely refer to one or two reputed blog posts and accumulate even more knowledge than otherwise. 

You can also refer to various blog posts to resolve your doubts on a specific topic. In fact, by following a few renowned fashion magazines, you can very well keep a track of the ongoing happenings in the world of fashion. For instance, classic heart-shaped diamond rings have been in trend for quite some time; therefore, you can consider including them in your jewelry collection. 

And, whichever trend you find relevant and satisfying to the fundamentals of fashion, you must try it out and take feedback from your first circle. If something is well received by them, you must integrate that into your everyday fashion.

heart shaped diamond ring

Supplement Your Knowledge with Video Content

Video content, especially YouTube, has emerged as a prime learning platform owing to its practicality. You can get several unique perspectives on a particular subject matter within a few minutes. The visual presentation will certainly help you to understand the essence of the topic quite easily, and the implementation would be much easier for you.

Learning the foundation of fashion, knowing its history, and implementing them certainly demands time and considerable effort. But, the end result certainly compensates for this little sacrifice.

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